Friday, November 5, 2010

UTP Dean's List Award Ceremony

3rd of November was a memorable day. I received my first ever Dean's List certificate from UTP. This award was awarded to those who achieved 3.5GPA and above in Foundation Semester 1.

The 10th Dean's List Awards Ceremony 2010
Feel so proud because I'm in the 10th group to receive the award in 2010
Those who are sitting in Table I
Receiving my certificate
The 2 EE's (Electrical and Electronic Engineers) who received the award
The 2 WONG's who received the award
Very handsome ar!!!
From left : Lee Vuen Nee (EE), Me (EE), Wong Yee Jie (CE) and Lim Kai Xian (CV)
The two on the left are actually committees only. Haha
UTP and MALAYSIA's future!
My tag and certificate

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