Friday, November 5, 2010

UTP FoundaTeam Camp

UTP organized a camp for all Jan10 batch students. I was in the 3rd group and had to attend the camp on 29th to 31st of October 2010.The venue of this camp was at Trolak Residence.
During the 3 days camp, we had physical trainings and jungle trekking.

UTP Founda Team (GROUP 3)
I stay in IXORA 5
2nd Floor
Room 8364
Activity 1 : Obstacle Run
There are activities such as:
- Commander Crawl
- Electric Fence
- Walking on Narrow Planes
- Wall Climbing
Moral Value : Teamwork is the most important thing in this activity to overcome different types of obstacles in life
Taman Burung
Commander Crawl
Monkey Bars
Activity 2: Night Walk
We had to walk alone in the dark of the jungle assisted by only a rope.
I was the first to enter and first to come out
Moral Value : Sometimes we had to depend on our ownselves to find solutions and way out in the dark.
Final point : Candle
Venue of Night Walk
Activity 3: High rope - Flying Fox
I got to try Flying Fox even i didn't go PLKN (National Service)
Moral Value : Don't be scared when you try to think out of the box
Wearing the safety belts
Climbing up the highest point of the stand
and there i GO
High Rope Course
Activity 4: Low Rope
In this activity, we had to walk on ropes and support others when they're walking
Moral Value: We need supporters along the journey of our life.
Here, we have to walk along the planes. Not easy
Team photo
It is not easy to stand like this
I still have a bit of height phobia

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