Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Year Review

Have you all encountered being bashed by assignments during Christmas Eve and Christmas and flooded with books during New Year's Eve and New Year? It was my first time. I was busy staying awake on a few nights completing my Calculus Assignment which turned up to be 10/10%. Even during New Year, I had to eat, sleep, loiter around etc etc with my lecture notes to get ready for my finals which had just ended hours ago (3 January 2011 to 6 January 2011). However, my friend, Lim Kai Xian and Chung Wei Keat did brighten my day on New Year's Day. We had a memorable first-day-of-the-year breakfast.

To begin with, I would like to apologize to you all for not updating my blog. I do admit that I sometimes feel very frustrated when bloggers do not update their blogs from time to time. My main intention for this post is to flashback my 2010's moments and clandestine, which I started doing since few years ago. Why not 2010 too?

Since I missed out wishing everyone Christmas and New Year, I would like to do a belated one :
Merry Christmas
Happy 2011 New Year

Flashing back 2010 moments now!. This time I prefer going through randomly and jumbling them up instead of going by months like few years back.

Started off by snubbing National Service at Bidor by entering Universiti Teknologi Petronas.
16th of January 2010 was the day I departed for UTP Orientation Week (MAS).

Together with me is my uni's Matrix Card - 14312

Hence, I finished my foundation year and will go into degree soon in 2011 instead of going Form 6 or A-Levels. Foundation year in Universiti Teknologi Petronas is divided into 3 semesters.

Semester I with 4 subjects (January 2010 - May 2010) :
-Chemistry I
-Physics I
-English I
To sum up with, I achieved GPA of 4 in this semester which meant that I scored straight A's in all subjects.
Dean's List Receiving Ceremony
Semester II with 4 subjects and a co-curriculum subject (May 2010 - September 2010) :
-Thinking Skills
-Moral Studies
-English II
-Modern Music
I refused to unveil my results for this semester. If I had not mistaken, only 2 person knew my real results. Others, I'm sorry I pretended as I was not telling the truth.

Semester III with 3 subjects (September 2010 - January 2011) :
-Chemistry II
-Physics II
The examinations just ended hours ago. I just hope for the best as I've already tried my best.

Apart from that, I get to experience Jungle Trekking when I attended the Team Building Camp in FELDA (29-31 October 2010). Although it wasn't my first time doing jungle trekking because I have already got the experience during Universal Camp III in 2009 but I do feel the fire in me is reignited after long extinguished during my St John days.
Random group photo from the camp
I guess my next post will be about the people i know in UTP. I will be stuck here for another 4 years but I felt that I'm already a BIG BOY now, grown up! Dependant and Reliable without parents. =]

I took part in events too in UTP such as Clearance Day. Photos taken during Family Day

Last but not least, one clandestine that I wanted to share is that UTP does not have PREFECTS!!
My hair can be longer than this.
Minor events in 2010 include:
1. Watching a lot of Movies
Some of the movies I watched

2. Learning how to Drive-a-Car, Ride-a-Motorbike and Cycle-a-Bicycle


3. Playing Plants vs Zombies

4. Went for JPA Scholarship Interview but phailed =(

At Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh

5. Outing with Philip and Kai Xian

The Famous Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken

6. Watching World Cup which Spain won!

7. Went Cameron Highland and KL with family
Wanted to go again!
I wanted to meet my grandpa more often.

8. Love Digimon 6 - X Cros Wars! and Doraemon!
Vol 1-8 lazy take photo lah!
Need to continue catching the series of Dora-Base!

9. playing SDO =.=!
Yeah. I'm that girl character

This is my zai zai!

10. Cam-whoring (just to end my 2010 with a high note - high quality pictures. :D)

2007 !
2010 !
Sayonara 2010, Ann Yeong 2011! =]

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