Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Day (天天好天)

Friday - 28th of January 2011
I went to Ipoh Parade with my friend from UTP to shop around for Chinese New Year goodies such as clothes and also books for our new semester. Since we had plenty of time to spare, we decided to watch this movie named Great Day (天天好天). We watched at 2.30pm. 

This movie revolves around two old uncles in a old folks home in Perlis who always argue about how good their children towards them. In order to prove who's children is better, one of the uncle decided to go to KL to look for his children. Heartwarming and touching scenes were there altogether with funny moments too. This movie touches me because it emphasis on relationships among family members and the joy of togetherness especially during Chinese New Year.

Relationship between the grandfather and his granddaughter, The grandfather have breast cancer? The granddaughter always wanted to meet his grandfather
Relationship between the father and his son. They always fight to see who eats faster and the loser have to do house chores.
The casts of 天天好天. If we translate it, it means "Everyday is a Good Day"
At the end, I only bought on Red Hoodie home from Ipoh Parade.

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