Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

This will be a short post. CNY 2011 is coming to its end and my classes are going to start tomorrow. These are the few things I've done these few holidays.

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Xin Nian Kuai Le

Before I continue, I've something to announce to the whole world. I've completed my Foundations! Third semester's results is out and it's beyond my expectations! Happy! Happy! XD

Let's us see what is ahead for those who are born in the year of monkey (1992) aka me.

"      The year of the Tiger was a tough one for monkeys who spent much of it trying not to end up as cat food, but hold on tight because the Year of the Tiger will see a swift swing into good fortune and good luck. It will be a particularly prosperous twelve months for financial gain and career advancement and by the end of the year you should be able to stick a few extra bananas in the bank. Happier and healthier, you'll also find your relationships, both romantic and otherwise, getting back on track in 2011 and if you and a partner have big plans, this is the time to put them into action.      "
#1 Reunion Dinner
Had my reunion dinner with my family members and relatives.
Mum (right) and her two sisters
Grandpa and Grandma
#2 Lou Sangs'
Lou Sang is a dish where all the raw food such as salmon, vegetables, etc etc are placed together. Chinese gather around the dish, mix everything together as high as possible before eating the dish. It is said that it brings prosperity, abundance and happiness by doing so.

Lou Sang # 1
Lou Sang # 2
#3 Collecting angpaus'
Its the tradition of the chinese elderly and married couples to give red packets aka angpau to the young ones.
These angpaus' are not mine! I found this pic on google image. Mine where got so little. XD

#4 Bai Nian
Another meaning for visiting other people's house in Mandarin. I didn't take picture of any of the houses that I've visited. 
This is definitely NOT my family! Google image! Little gal so cutie!
#5 BBQ
Went to Jian Weay's house for BBQ

#6 Movie
Went to Jusco with Jessmin and Su Ann. Watched Green Hornet 3D.
Jay Chou is so cool.
Not that I don't want to watch Homecoming /  All's Well End's Well 2011 / Mr & Mrs Incredible, they're all full
Either Green Hornet / Yogi Bear only!

#7 Gym and Playground?
Nothing to do when visiting my cousin, so we went down the gym and the playground.
I don't know why the chinese lady behind me do gym in the afternoon on the first day of CNY?

#8 Eat non stop
Many things to eat. Just can't resist them. But don't know why I don't grow fatter?
I don't want to show non Halal food here! Mandarins. Yummy :p

#9 Sleep and wake up
Zzzz, Normal routine..

#10 Whatelse can I do? Shopping?
The end lah!

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