Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer Vaganza 2011

25th of February 2011

Was in Sponsorship and Merchandise department of Red Sonata Fiesta II
Basically, it's a concert in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration.
Had lots of fun and get to know a lot of friends.
I seriously didn't regret anything joining this event. =]

Random photos
Bullied by Khai Zern
Too excited!
Suppose to be sponsorship department's photo. However there're uninvited quest..:P
TikuzZ love ArnabZ?
I'm so called one of their sisters =.= new member..
Friends + bosses
From Thailand (Natthika) just to watch our CNY concert in UTP
Lum Jian Kai EE from Sponsorship department, same as me..^^
Friendship with love - Lin Kiat
Right - Fortune cookie champion, Left - Runners up (Eevon) XD
New buddy - Kelvin Kong ..i just love the effect of this photo..
This is where we test who's butt is more bouncy...XD


blue mice army said...

haha~i'm an invited guest,ok?!
nice to meet u o new buddy~

Vincent Wong said...

lolz....thanks for helping..=]