Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost Bus Ticket to Penang Island - Day 1

As soon as my Year 1 Semester 1 in UTP ended, I planned a trip to Penang with two of my friends, Kai Xian and Yee Jie. Since, Yee Jie is from Butterworth, so we decided to stay over at his house instead of hotels. Initially, I bought two bus tickets to Penang, however just 1 hour before boarding the bus, I found out that I lost the bus ticket. >< How careless am I! Anyway, we managed to broad another bus to Penang

Day 1 : May 16 2011 (Monday)
- Started off with Kai Xian coming to my house from UTP
- Brought him to Tesco Station 18
This shot is actually to test my phone camera

- Then, we broaded the bus to Butterworth

- Reached Sungai Juru around 6pm with Yee Jie's dad fetching us to his house and had a seafood dinner feast

 - Nightime: Did planning on the places that we are going to visit and went to the beach
Night view and walking along the beach
Yee Jie's mum doing the planning for us. :)
 - End of Day 1 : My camera was kinda blur though. Don't know why? But it got better the next day :)

Link to Day 2:
Link to Day 3:

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