Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dare 2 Dream Family Day

26 June 2011
I'm the Promotion and Publication Head of Department of this Event, Dare 2 Dream
During this Family Day, i'm in-charge of taking photo's for committee nametag.
These are some of the photos during Family Day.=)

Kelvinder posing so NICE!

PD - Chiew Wen

GNA - Rachel giving briefing

Treasurer - Ban Siong

PNP Head of Department

CNP Head of Department -  Kelvinder

APD - Daphne

Pui San, Me and Rachel

Me, LOG HOD - Crispin, Treasure -  Ban Siong

PNP Assistant HOD - San San

My photo for nametag.Haha, COOL!

APD - Daphne AGAIN!

Puisan - Committee PNP

Kelvin Kong - Committee PNP

Me and Kelvin ^^

Group Photo of Dare 2 Dream Family!

Rachel paiseh?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PhotoFest Workshop

I was in Photofest.
Promotion and Publication department for this event.
Just committee =)

22 June 2011
There is a workshop about photo taking by Mr Lee Wai Luen from Ipoh

This is the nametag that i design. First time using PHOTOSHOP =)

Photofest FAMILY!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pangkor Trip

11 - 12 June 2011
After the Penang Trip, 1st Year 2nd Sem starts.
I went to Pangkor as part of Red Sonata Fiesta appreciation trip.
In my batch, those who went are Kai Xian, Wen Ting, Sheryl and Yee Ling

Had lots of fun

Family Photo

Sorry, photos are not in order.
Go Pangkor suppose to have beach side pictures right? Too bad, i din take when i was at the beach..

Kai Xian's slipper got taken away by the wave ^^
Sheryl fell down and injured herself. I became a first aider that time..=)