Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dare to Dream - Logo is Born!

31 July 2011
It's already the end of July. Tomorrow will be the 1st of August and my Digital Electronic project is still pending. Somehow, I'm too tired to do anything especially thinking and even talking. I like staying in my room alone rather than going out walking here and there. Yesterday night, after the event, I went to KFC with Charles, MJ and Ming Heng. We stayed there until around 10pm chatting a lot of stuffs which makes me realize the world is not small! There are many things that are big happening around us.

Today I woke up extremely late knowing that I'm extremely fatigue last night. There was nothing much that I did today except tidying up myself. Event was only yesterday and I was re-watching the closing montage the whole day for like hundred of times.

Since, there's nothing much to post about today. I would like to post how the logo of Dare to Dream was created.

There were a lot of changes before the logo was finalized.

The first 4 designs. Many comments were received including:
1. The rainbow color makes people dizzy
2. It looks like a recycling logo

Next is my trials and re-designs that was never being submitted and unveiled

3 more designs were submitted:

and finally the one and only Dare to Dream logo is born ~!

Honestly, I had lots of fun learning how to use Photoshop =)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dare to Dream - Event Flow

30 July 2011
Finally, the event which I've been waiting for has arrived. It's actually the same event which was held last semester, E3 day, in which I was in logistic department as committee. This time round, I was the Head of Promotion and Publication Department. The event went smoothly with arrival of the students from SK Jenalik. My committees, Siew San, Charles, Kelvin and Puisan were in-charged of taking photos and helping out in the event.

Throughout the whole event, I made the closing ceremony montage with all the photos that my committees gathered. The closing montage was one of the best which I've created.

1. Opening Ceremony
2. Game Session - Straw Game
3. Perfect Score Program - Mathematics
4. Tour around UTP
5. Perfect Score Program - English
6. Game Session - Building using straws?

Below are some photos:
Michelle with the primary school students of SK Jernalik

Me doing closing ceremony montage the whole event

Getting the opening montage playing

Tour into IRC

Teaching the kids =)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Settle for Tomorrow

29 July 2011
Another day has gone. I skipped today's tutorial and woke up in the afternoon. The only class I went was moral class which I didn't listen to what the lecturer is crapping at all.

Tomorrow will be Dare to Dream's BIG day. As the Head of Promotion and Publication Department, below are the list of things that have been done:

1. Dare to Dream's Logo [done]
The logo design that I create and was agreed by everyone
2. Nametag [done]

The second time I designed a nametag, the first was for Photofest

3. Certificates [done]

Certificate will be given out by hand tomorrow after the event.
Design by Siew San
4. Opening montage [done]
A simple opening montage which I've done

5. Tshirt [done]
This orange event Tshirt's design was also by Siew San. It costs RM23 after negotiating
Total of 27 shirts made were already distributed to eveyone =)

Lets have lots of fun tomorrow!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


28 July 2011
I think i should stop complaining about tiredness. I cried alone with tears dropping out within my heart. I felt the pressure was too much. I'm getting exhausted and sick. It might be due to the durian feast I had yesterday.

How come I can't trust my friends?
I hate being used by people when doing projects. I, myself has high enthusiasm when doing something. I do not chase for perfect-ness but as long as I had tried my best, it is sufficient. Seeking a BFF. *Traumatic*

How come I can't rely on them?
As the Head of SEDEX28 Secretariat Department, I was in-charge of the Youth Inventor's Category. There should be ambassadors going to the primary schools to help me collect the registration forms. However, this is kept delaying and even the person-in-charge from Invitation Department asked me to call the ambassador's myself! It was suppose to be their department's job but wanted me to do it instead. *Unhappy*

How come there are *kiasu* people?
Today, as I went to V3 cafe to settle SEDEX28 Academic Clubs participation - Icheme. I saw my department member. He was sitting with his debate friends. I called his name, despite thrice and loudly, he ignored me while just in front of me, pretending didn't saw me. Of course I was furious that time, due to his *kiasu*ness and ego-ness! I just wanted to talk to him for 2 minutes asking him to settle the registration form of a YIC team. Although he responded to me after I shouted at him, he claimed that he is *very busy*  and unable to talk to me. What sarcastic attitude is he showing to his Head of Department and his batch-mate? Even though, I asked him to update me by Friday about the YIC school, I knew he wont because this is not the first time he neglected my orders. Hey, if you are not interested to be in my department, please quit the department! I don't need kiasu and ego committees like you! *Furious*

I miss my sling bag. That sling bag is big enough to put my laptop and books. I wanted it cloth based not PVC =(
Can anyone gift it to me as my Birthday Present?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


27 July 2011
It's already 27th of July without realizing it. Time passes so swiftly and I still playing the fool around and complaining tiredness to myself. I can actually save a lot of time if I hadn't been so lazy-minded all this while.

Nonetheless, today I went to Taman Maju again to make a nametag for a Dare to Dream committee which I left out. Since there is pasar malam there, we decided to buy our dinner as well. Charles mentioned that today was a special day for her girlfriend, and thus we bought durian to celebrate. I myself bought some longans for myself. With that we had our durian feast as our dinner.

I chose the durians =)
I opened most of them =)
Pain! I had some scratches in my leg when carrying it
I said this one not nice, but Charles disagrees with me. In the end, it turned up that the flesh is potato based
 Conclusion: Consult me if you wanna buy durian. XD


26 July 2011
I had been having "Tuesday blues" all this while. This is due to class as early as 8am in the morning and ending at 5pm in the evening. With more event meetings after the classes, a dreadful day among the weekdays would best be used to sum up my entire day. Today was my SEDEX department committee's birthday. I was involved in it somehow because I was asked to delay my meeting just for others to prepare and celebrate her birthday.

Monday, July 25, 2011


25 July 2011
My days are numbered. I've been neglecting a lot of things currently. I used to tell myself to stay strong and be positive. Assignments and projects are surrounding my daily routine and yet I've not single touched them at all. Let's say for example, making an ATM Machine using Digital Electronic components. I already have the idea, but I've not started on it at all. I'm having a hectic life with classes early in the morning every single weekday.
My digital stuffs

You know what? I always wanted to hug a person. However, I don't think I'll ever have the chance ever again. What is the need to hug a person?. Well, hugging a person makes you feel protected and not alone. You can feel the warmth and truthfulness when a person is hugging and the all the tense is shared. 

Quote of the day :
When you love someone, thinking about them is breathing, you do it without thinking and you do it all the time..=) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fragile Heart ♥

24 July 2011
Life is just like a candle. When all the lid on the wax is completed burnt out, a life is gone. One should treasure what's around before it's too late. Regrets in life, although mistakes are unavoidable, we should stay strong and move on in our life. I once lost someone I treasured the most, but I let off because of self indulgence and recklessness. How silly I am! Can time ever be turned back? I hope I never had said those words that crushed your heart. The next girl that I going to love, I'm seriously going to love deeply. Humans learnt from mistakes and have faith in their hearts when they promise something. I'm going to have this faith and never going to let the fire in my heart extinguish, ever!

Well, today I was shocked to receive news about the death of my friend's mother. She was actually my committee. Deepest condolence to her and her family - Irene. It first turned out that I don't know Irene was back to Sarawak to visit her sicken mother. It was only when I met my another friend, Wan Fang and she told me so. I thought everything was fine until yesterday I saw people writing condolences on Irene's facebook wall. With my high observations, I knew something was wrong and soon I found out the truth. Life is fragile. We can lose someone we love any second in our life. I'd now learnt to treasure the people around me. Life is never like HAPPY TREE FRIENDS! Characters in our real life might die horribly but they don't reincarnate! Stay strong and believe within, friends are always around to assist and care. Angels does exists, it's just that they exists in a form that is not realized by us.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Resident Evil

23 July 2011
I started watching Resident Evil because someone introduced it to me last year. I still missed that moment when someone asked me to watch Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife. The movie was filled with action packed scenes of killing zombies. T VIRUS is the virus that started all these catastrophes. Whenever someone was bitten or even scratched by the zombies, the person will immediately be infected by the virus and will die eventually. Once they are dead, they will turn into zombies and the cycle of zombies-killing-humans continued. Zombies are senseless beings and the only way to kill them is to damage their brain or spinal cord severely, in which we must 'head shot' the zombies.

Today, I watched Resident Evil - Degeneration. This movie is an animated one without the original main character - Alice. The 2 main characters of this movie is Leon and Claire. This movie sees how they know the truth of the T virus, trying to find the antidote and save the survivors from being chucked by dead zombies.


Claire Redfield

Now, I'm waiting for Resident Evil 5 -Retribution which will be out next year in 2012 starring Alice which will be portrayed by Milla Jovovich again. I'm still wondering whether Valentine will attack Alice with Umbrella Corperation as shown at the end of Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife.

Alice by Milla Jovovich

Friday, July 22, 2011

Opening Montage - Dare to Dream

22 July 2011
I have 2 labs today which starts from 8am. Since the Dare to Dream event is near, and I have to rush for the opening and closing montage. I decided to spend my sleeping time making the montage. Started doing it from 2am to 5am. Slept only around 2 hours, then went to labs.

The Opening Montage is done.
Below are some of the photos that I made in Photoshop which I used to make the opening montage. Since I'm still a beginner in using Vegas, I managed to complete a 4 minute montage in 2 hours. A simple one. =)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


22nd of July 2011
Another day has passed and the T shirt design of Dare to Dream is still not finalized. One more week to go before the event. *Rushing*

My happiest time of the day would be getting back my Microelectronic Test 1 paper. I'd never expect to get such high marks as I always did badly in the quizzes. What's excite me more is when I was arguing for 1 mark extra and my lecturer gave me 3 marks extra due to a question which seems to be marked wrongly. *Happy*

As I was expecting a quiz in Network Analysis, my lecturer gave me a group assignment instead. I'm planning to do it with Ban Siong on Sunday after we come back from Ipoh. *Last Minute*

After my Gamelan class, I went to Taman Maju with Charles, Siew San, Pui San and Suk Xuan for dinner. After collecting the name tags and certificates, we headed to Mamak for our bizarre dinner, Maggi Goreng!. I ate 2 and a half plate of Maggi Goreng. All was paid by Pui San because I treated her Pasar Malam food the other day. My 'calculator spoil' trick doesn't work! Thanks Pui San =)

Name tags [done]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I used today to recharge myself. 2pm to 6pm's class was cancelled. I even had time to go to Pasar Malam with Charles, Siew San, Kelvin and Daymon. We had our joyous moment there with our tummy starving for all the mouth-watering delicacies sold there.

The reason I asked Charles to fetch me to Taman Maju is because I had to go to Fuji Film and ready Dare to Dream's certificate and name tag. The process needs one day so I'm going back tomorrow to collect the name tags and certificates. Besides that, my last semester's E3 day certificate was printed wrongly, thus as the Head of Department of Promotion and Publication this time round, I printed my own certificate and had to return to my senior to put in all the necessary details.

Today, at the pasar malam, I bought
1. 7 Eleven's Slurpee
2. Fried Bee hon
3. Satay
4. Cempedak fruit

Partial design of the certificate

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life as an EE student

EE stands for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in UTP, often pronounced as a short form for the courses offered here. No doubt, EE could be the hardest course in UTP because I myself is experiencing the hectic and tension life studying the subjects. Facing with electronic components and electric circuits everyday does tingle up my nerves. My classes are usually from 8am to 5pm daily with maximum only 2 hours break in between. That's not all, the venue of my classes are different with every subject. One moment my class is here, the other moment,  I have to walk about 10 minutes to another location for another class, which makes me super lethargic. Most of the time, "brancher" (breakfast, lunch and dinner) could be my only meal of the day.

Microelectronic, Digital Electronic and Network Analysis are my 3 core subjects this semester, not including Moral Studies, Vector Calculus and Gamelan. I have always give high expectations to myself. Sometimes, I really hope to have someone by my side talking to me, and sharing my problems, preferably a 'girl' whom I can trust and wont use me as a DOLL! But maybe I could be your teddy bear to be hugged. ^^v Nonetheless, let's get back to the point. My Microelectronic classes are all early in the morning. As soon as I woke up, I only have ample time to prepare for the class, excluding eating breakfast. This goes on everyday during weekdays. I really hope to taste real breakfast again, such as 'Wantan Mee'.

Problems I faced regarding the 3 core subjects
1. Microelectronic - Class early in the morning. Without having breakfast, I have to rush to class and the lecturer is super boring. We never really understand what is he teaching, but nodded to pretend that we understand so that he ends his class and we can all go back and sleep

2. Digital Electronic - This subject is super simple, but the project of making a Withdrawal ATM Machine makes me stressed up. I have to brainstorm on it. Whenever we are in a team, we should work together, NOT just relying on one person. When the ONE PERSON feels stressed out, the partner should comfort him, talk to him and makes him feel that he's not alone. He has a TEAMMATE after all!

3. Network Analysis - This subject is actually the continuation of Circuit Theory from Semester 1. Our beloved lecturer went to Russia for 2 weeks and he intends to replace 4 hours of lectures on every Wednesday.

Well, after reading all my bullshits. All EE's in UTP out there, please dun get frustrated, angry or blame me or intend to leave ur EE dream. I'm just complaining that I'm super tired and just voicing out my feelings. To tell you the truth, I have 3 event Head of Departments. This is why I'm super tired! I just need someone who is willing to talk to me. =)

Nonetheless, this is not my real intention of blogging. I wanted to promote something, which is E3SS Club, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society. I saw this page in They used my two photos which i took during Foundation Dean's List Ceremony. Is this called plagiarism? No hard feelings. Just asking opinions.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ElectrEx Family Day

17 July 2011
Simple updates on what happened today.
ElectrEx, another event which I joined has it's own family day today.
As the LOGISTICS Head of Department, I'm in-charge of finding a suitable venue to held the family day
My initial plan was to use UTP's Pavillion, however it was used by someone else earlier for BBQ.
I went to the Lecture Hall, which was my plan B. To my surprise, one of the lecture hall's door was not locked.
We used Lecture Hall 1 illegally since there were no guards patrolling the area at that moment.

Games Session

Starfish bomb! Starfish bomb! Starfish bomb to Lalat bomb! XD (Logistics Department)

Lalat bomb! Lalat bomb! Lalat bomb to Starfish bomb! XD (PNP Department)

Punishment - Singing ABC Rhythm

and.... Photo-of-the-day

During photo shooting session

Saturday, July 16, 2011


16 July 2011
I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my dad and my younger brother. It was the last episode of all the Harry Potter Series.
Casts of Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

Graffiti that I drew representing the ending of Transformers 3 and HP7P2 , as requested by Wayne as her birthday wish.

Friday, July 8, 2011

May 11 Mid Sem Break

People holiday, i work for event. ><

Thursday 7 July 2011
4 days of Mid Sem Break started and I played games till 5am. Then, me and Charles head to schools for our field trip.

We went to SK St Bernadette's Convent. Explain about the event and we left

Next we went to SK Sultan Yussuf. Wasted like 2 hours there, explaining the same thing for 5 times.
- First explain to head master
- Then PK Koko
- Next Penitia Sains
- After that, Science and Maths Club advisor
- Finally, the teacher that taught most Science and Maths class
And the teacher who taught the class is the one who taught the last 3 class out of 5 who are mostly retarded students! Swt!

Then, me, Charles and Siew San went to Jusco for Transformers 3. Super cool movie.

Friday 8 July 2011
Today, i drove to UTP to fetch Irene and Charles
Went again to field trip.
First, SMK Tok Indera Wangsa Ahmad
Second, SMJK Yuk Kwan (the school i <3 the visitng most) ^^
Third SK Tok Indera Wangsa Ahmad
Last SMK Pusing =)

We finish all 4 schools within 2 hours. And then we head to Ipoh for lunch...=)

Friday, July 1, 2011

SEDEX28 Reach Out Program

1 July 2011
For Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX28), I'm the Head of Department of Secretariat

I was in-charge to promote the Youth Inventor Category competition to primary and secondary schools around UTP.
Thus, today me, Charles and Eevon went to the schools around UTP.

1. Our first stop was SK Siputeh.
The school was having holiday today, but when we arrived there, we saw the headmistress's Mercedes Benz. I didn't know who was the headmistress at that moment. When i saw some lazy cleaning and fixing the cement stage near a pavilion in the school, i went near to ask a lady where is the office because i wanted to discuss some matters with the headmistress. I was shocked when she said she was the headmistress. And thus we went to the office and discuss the matter

2. Out of direction to SMK SULTAN YUSSUF 
We were out of directions after visiting the first school. When we went further into Batu Gajah, we saw some school students coming out from a junction. We follow the direction and to our surprise, we found SMK Sultan Yussuf. We had problems finding the front gate, as the guard at the back gate does not allow us to enter. We round for very long but still couldn't find the gate. Thus, we gave up and went the other road out.

I never expect the school would be there. Since we had time, we went to the school. The school is exactly beside a GRAVEYARD where students can see the tombstones clearly everyday, creepy >.<''..I went into the office hoping to find the teacher in charge which my committee called earlier. I asked a teacher in the office to show me who is Puan Norashikin. To my surprise, SHE WAS PUAN NORASHIKIN!!! Lol, DeJaVu??? But it was rest time at the moment. So we head to KFC for lunch before going back to St Bernadette's Convent to discuss the matter with Penitia Sains. She looked very interested as she already has 2 teams. I handed her the invitation letter. She asked me who is the person in charge on the invitation letter, which was ME!. She repeated asking who is the person, when will he come, and what will he do when he come?. WHAT HAPPEN TO ME TODAY? The person in charge on the invitation letter was me! LOLz... Soon, we left. =)

4. We saw the entrance to SMK SULTAN YUSSUF!
So, we went to back to the school only to find that the teachers are having break. Since i have to rush back to UTP for Moral Presentation. That concludes our visit to schools. =)