Thursday, July 28, 2011


28 July 2011
I think i should stop complaining about tiredness. I cried alone with tears dropping out within my heart. I felt the pressure was too much. I'm getting exhausted and sick. It might be due to the durian feast I had yesterday.

How come I can't trust my friends?
I hate being used by people when doing projects. I, myself has high enthusiasm when doing something. I do not chase for perfect-ness but as long as I had tried my best, it is sufficient. Seeking a BFF. *Traumatic*

How come I can't rely on them?
As the Head of SEDEX28 Secretariat Department, I was in-charge of the Youth Inventor's Category. There should be ambassadors going to the primary schools to help me collect the registration forms. However, this is kept delaying and even the person-in-charge from Invitation Department asked me to call the ambassador's myself! It was suppose to be their department's job but wanted me to do it instead. *Unhappy*

How come there are *kiasu* people?
Today, as I went to V3 cafe to settle SEDEX28 Academic Clubs participation - Icheme. I saw my department member. He was sitting with his debate friends. I called his name, despite thrice and loudly, he ignored me while just in front of me, pretending didn't saw me. Of course I was furious that time, due to his *kiasu*ness and ego-ness! I just wanted to talk to him for 2 minutes asking him to settle the registration form of a YIC team. Although he responded to me after I shouted at him, he claimed that he is *very busy*  and unable to talk to me. What sarcastic attitude is he showing to his Head of Department and his batch-mate? Even though, I asked him to update me by Friday about the YIC school, I knew he wont because this is not the first time he neglected my orders. Hey, if you are not interested to be in my department, please quit the department! I don't need kiasu and ego committees like you! *Furious*

I miss my sling bag. That sling bag is big enough to put my laptop and books. I wanted it cloth based not PVC =(
Can anyone gift it to me as my Birthday Present?


san san said...

chao kui yao yu!

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

cannot leh...i not so bad ma...

Blessed-girl said...

Tikuz, be strong ya. There are time when we are extremely busy. But always keep in mind that, next time, when we look back, we will feel contented because this is the time we can grow faster and learn a lot. ^^ There is always a price paid behind a successful life. XD

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

yeah, thanks for your support..^^
EE is seriously not easy la...must be reli tough to face the challenges ahead....=)

i will ganbateh!