Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dare to Dream - Event Flow

30 July 2011
Finally, the event which I've been waiting for has arrived. It's actually the same event which was held last semester, E3 day, in which I was in logistic department as committee. This time round, I was the Head of Promotion and Publication Department. The event went smoothly with arrival of the students from SK Jenalik. My committees, Siew San, Charles, Kelvin and Puisan were in-charged of taking photos and helping out in the event.

Throughout the whole event, I made the closing ceremony montage with all the photos that my committees gathered. The closing montage was one of the best which I've created.

1. Opening Ceremony
2. Game Session - Straw Game
3. Perfect Score Program - Mathematics
4. Tour around UTP
5. Perfect Score Program - English
6. Game Session - Building using straws?

Below are some photos:
Michelle with the primary school students of SK Jernalik

Me doing closing ceremony montage the whole event

Getting the opening montage playing

Tour into IRC

Teaching the kids =)


Blessed-girl said...

Ya, the montage in the closing ceremony was undeniably awesome!! Thanks for your hard work, tikuz XD Jia you~D2D event~Hooray!

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

thanks...i've alredi tried my best....
if got anywhere not nice, pls tell me ya, so that i can make improvements..^^