Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dare to Dream - Logo is Born!

31 July 2011
It's already the end of July. Tomorrow will be the 1st of August and my Digital Electronic project is still pending. Somehow, I'm too tired to do anything especially thinking and even talking. I like staying in my room alone rather than going out walking here and there. Yesterday night, after the event, I went to KFC with Charles, MJ and Ming Heng. We stayed there until around 10pm chatting a lot of stuffs which makes me realize the world is not small! There are many things that are big happening around us.

Today I woke up extremely late knowing that I'm extremely fatigue last night. There was nothing much that I did today except tidying up myself. Event was only yesterday and I was re-watching the closing montage the whole day for like hundred of times.

Since, there's nothing much to post about today. I would like to post how the logo of Dare to Dream was created.

There were a lot of changes before the logo was finalized.

The first 4 designs. Many comments were received including:
1. The rainbow color makes people dizzy
2. It looks like a recycling logo

Next is my trials and re-designs that was never being submitted and unveiled

3 more designs were submitted:

and finally the one and only Dare to Dream logo is born ~!

Honestly, I had lots of fun learning how to use Photoshop =)


san san said...

i oso! nice to use photoshop!

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

haha...i nw in childpro last time in pnp liao..dun wan any lurr...hope can learn more...^^