Sunday, July 17, 2011

ElectrEx Family Day

17 July 2011
Simple updates on what happened today.
ElectrEx, another event which I joined has it's own family day today.
As the LOGISTICS Head of Department, I'm in-charge of finding a suitable venue to held the family day
My initial plan was to use UTP's Pavillion, however it was used by someone else earlier for BBQ.
I went to the Lecture Hall, which was my plan B. To my surprise, one of the lecture hall's door was not locked.
We used Lecture Hall 1 illegally since there were no guards patrolling the area at that moment.

Games Session

Starfish bomb! Starfish bomb! Starfish bomb to Lalat bomb! XD (Logistics Department)

Lalat bomb! Lalat bomb! Lalat bomb to Starfish bomb! XD (PNP Department)

Punishment - Singing ABC Rhythm

and.... Photo-of-the-day

During photo shooting session

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