Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fragile Heart ♥

24 July 2011
Life is just like a candle. When all the lid on the wax is completed burnt out, a life is gone. One should treasure what's around before it's too late. Regrets in life, although mistakes are unavoidable, we should stay strong and move on in our life. I once lost someone I treasured the most, but I let off because of self indulgence and recklessness. How silly I am! Can time ever be turned back? I hope I never had said those words that crushed your heart. The next girl that I going to love, I'm seriously going to love deeply. Humans learnt from mistakes and have faith in their hearts when they promise something. I'm going to have this faith and never going to let the fire in my heart extinguish, ever!

Well, today I was shocked to receive news about the death of my friend's mother. She was actually my committee. Deepest condolence to her and her family - Irene. It first turned out that I don't know Irene was back to Sarawak to visit her sicken mother. It was only when I met my another friend, Wan Fang and she told me so. I thought everything was fine until yesterday I saw people writing condolences on Irene's facebook wall. With my high observations, I knew something was wrong and soon I found out the truth. Life is fragile. We can lose someone we love any second in our life. I'd now learnt to treasure the people around me. Life is never like HAPPY TREE FRIENDS! Characters in our real life might die horribly but they don't reincarnate! Stay strong and believe within, friends are always around to assist and care. Angels does exists, it's just that they exists in a form that is not realized by us.

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