Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life as an EE student

EE stands for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in UTP, often pronounced as a short form for the courses offered here. No doubt, EE could be the hardest course in UTP because I myself is experiencing the hectic and tension life studying the subjects. Facing with electronic components and electric circuits everyday does tingle up my nerves. My classes are usually from 8am to 5pm daily with maximum only 2 hours break in between. That's not all, the venue of my classes are different with every subject. One moment my class is here, the other moment,  I have to walk about 10 minutes to another location for another class, which makes me super lethargic. Most of the time, "brancher" (breakfast, lunch and dinner) could be my only meal of the day.

Microelectronic, Digital Electronic and Network Analysis are my 3 core subjects this semester, not including Moral Studies, Vector Calculus and Gamelan. I have always give high expectations to myself. Sometimes, I really hope to have someone by my side talking to me, and sharing my problems, preferably a 'girl' whom I can trust and wont use me as a DOLL! But maybe I could be your teddy bear to be hugged. ^^v Nonetheless, let's get back to the point. My Microelectronic classes are all early in the morning. As soon as I woke up, I only have ample time to prepare for the class, excluding eating breakfast. This goes on everyday during weekdays. I really hope to taste real breakfast again, such as 'Wantan Mee'.

Problems I faced regarding the 3 core subjects
1. Microelectronic - Class early in the morning. Without having breakfast, I have to rush to class and the lecturer is super boring. We never really understand what is he teaching, but nodded to pretend that we understand so that he ends his class and we can all go back and sleep

2. Digital Electronic - This subject is super simple, but the project of making a Withdrawal ATM Machine makes me stressed up. I have to brainstorm on it. Whenever we are in a team, we should work together, NOT just relying on one person. When the ONE PERSON feels stressed out, the partner should comfort him, talk to him and makes him feel that he's not alone. He has a TEAMMATE after all!

3. Network Analysis - This subject is actually the continuation of Circuit Theory from Semester 1. Our beloved lecturer went to Russia for 2 weeks and he intends to replace 4 hours of lectures on every Wednesday.

Well, after reading all my bullshits. All EE's in UTP out there, please dun get frustrated, angry or blame me or intend to leave ur EE dream. I'm just complaining that I'm super tired and just voicing out my feelings. To tell you the truth, I have 3 event Head of Departments. This is why I'm super tired! I just need someone who is willing to talk to me. =)

Nonetheless, this is not my real intention of blogging. I wanted to promote something, which is E3SS Club, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society. I saw this page in They used my two photos which i took during Foundation Dean's List Ceremony. Is this called plagiarism? No hard feelings. Just asking opinions.

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