Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I used today to recharge myself. 2pm to 6pm's class was cancelled. I even had time to go to Pasar Malam with Charles, Siew San, Kelvin and Daymon. We had our joyous moment there with our tummy starving for all the mouth-watering delicacies sold there.

The reason I asked Charles to fetch me to Taman Maju is because I had to go to Fuji Film and ready Dare to Dream's certificate and name tag. The process needs one day so I'm going back tomorrow to collect the name tags and certificates. Besides that, my last semester's E3 day certificate was printed wrongly, thus as the Head of Department of Promotion and Publication this time round, I printed my own certificate and had to return to my senior to put in all the necessary details.

Today, at the pasar malam, I bought
1. 7 Eleven's Slurpee
2. Fried Bee hon
3. Satay
4. Cempedak fruit

Partial design of the certificate

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