Thursday, July 21, 2011


22nd of July 2011
Another day has passed and the T shirt design of Dare to Dream is still not finalized. One more week to go before the event. *Rushing*

My happiest time of the day would be getting back my Microelectronic Test 1 paper. I'd never expect to get such high marks as I always did badly in the quizzes. What's excite me more is when I was arguing for 1 mark extra and my lecturer gave me 3 marks extra due to a question which seems to be marked wrongly. *Happy*

As I was expecting a quiz in Network Analysis, my lecturer gave me a group assignment instead. I'm planning to do it with Ban Siong on Sunday after we come back from Ipoh. *Last Minute*

After my Gamelan class, I went to Taman Maju with Charles, Siew San, Pui San and Suk Xuan for dinner. After collecting the name tags and certificates, we headed to Mamak for our bizarre dinner, Maggi Goreng!. I ate 2 and a half plate of Maggi Goreng. All was paid by Pui San because I treated her Pasar Malam food the other day. My 'calculator spoil' trick doesn't work! Thanks Pui San =)

Name tags [done]

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