Friday, July 1, 2011

SEDEX28 Reach Out Program

1 July 2011
For Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX28), I'm the Head of Department of Secretariat

I was in-charge to promote the Youth Inventor Category competition to primary and secondary schools around UTP.
Thus, today me, Charles and Eevon went to the schools around UTP.

1. Our first stop was SK Siputeh.
The school was having holiday today, but when we arrived there, we saw the headmistress's Mercedes Benz. I didn't know who was the headmistress at that moment. When i saw some lazy cleaning and fixing the cement stage near a pavilion in the school, i went near to ask a lady where is the office because i wanted to discuss some matters with the headmistress. I was shocked when she said she was the headmistress. And thus we went to the office and discuss the matter

2. Out of direction to SMK SULTAN YUSSUF 
We were out of directions after visiting the first school. When we went further into Batu Gajah, we saw some school students coming out from a junction. We follow the direction and to our surprise, we found SMK Sultan Yussuf. We had problems finding the front gate, as the guard at the back gate does not allow us to enter. We round for very long but still couldn't find the gate. Thus, we gave up and went the other road out.

I never expect the school would be there. Since we had time, we went to the school. The school is exactly beside a GRAVEYARD where students can see the tombstones clearly everyday, creepy >.<''..I went into the office hoping to find the teacher in charge which my committee called earlier. I asked a teacher in the office to show me who is Puan Norashikin. To my surprise, SHE WAS PUAN NORASHIKIN!!! Lol, DeJaVu??? But it was rest time at the moment. So we head to KFC for lunch before going back to St Bernadette's Convent to discuss the matter with Penitia Sains. She looked very interested as she already has 2 teams. I handed her the invitation letter. She asked me who is the person in charge on the invitation letter, which was ME!. She repeated asking who is the person, when will he come, and what will he do when he come?. WHAT HAPPEN TO ME TODAY? The person in charge on the invitation letter was me! LOLz... Soon, we left. =)

4. We saw the entrance to SMK SULTAN YUSSUF!
So, we went to back to the school only to find that the teachers are having break. Since i have to rush back to UTP for Moral Presentation. That concludes our visit to schools. =)

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