Friday, July 29, 2011

Settle for Tomorrow

29 July 2011
Another day has gone. I skipped today's tutorial and woke up in the afternoon. The only class I went was moral class which I didn't listen to what the lecturer is crapping at all.

Tomorrow will be Dare to Dream's BIG day. As the Head of Promotion and Publication Department, below are the list of things that have been done:

1. Dare to Dream's Logo [done]
The logo design that I create and was agreed by everyone
2. Nametag [done]

The second time I designed a nametag, the first was for Photofest

3. Certificates [done]

Certificate will be given out by hand tomorrow after the event.
Design by Siew San
4. Opening montage [done]
A simple opening montage which I've done

5. Tshirt [done]
This orange event Tshirt's design was also by Siew San. It costs RM23 after negotiating
Total of 27 shirts made were already distributed to eveyone =)

Lets have lots of fun tomorrow!

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