Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nobody Knows It But Me ♥

I was listening to a lot of songs in Youtube while I'm studying for my final exams which is the week after next. It is just one more week before my finals and I been quite tensed up cause I just don't have the mood to study. I'll sit on my desk with my notes open for 15 minutes maximum and then I'll wonder around in my house. Haha.

Watched Space Jam today in TV and it really brings back a lot of my childhood memories. I like Space Jam because it's about the Looney Tunes and also Basketball

 Childhood memories~ Space Jam!

 Bugs and Lola Bunny ♥

I prefer Looney Tunes by Warner Bros. instead of Disney. However I like Disney's songs more.

Well, I would like to dedicate this song on my blog ♥ ~ Nobody knows it but me ~ by BabyFace

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Banana Chocolate Cake

24th of August 2011

My second last test, Network Analysis test was today and my last test would be Gamelan Group test. First year second semester is going to end and I'm still busy with a lot of stuffs.

Today, I made a very big investment which is going to Taman Maju's Secret Recipe and bought a RM75 Banana Chocolate Cake. It was Daymon's idea to buy a Secret Recipe cake for our birthday boy, Kien Ping. However, Daymon claimed that he had insufficient funds to buy the cake so I had to invest first on the cake before I can claim back. For the very first time in my life, I bought a cake! And I invested RM75 and added together with government tax, it's RM79.50!

 Getting ready to celebrate with the cake~

Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana cake

Happy birthday, Pong Kien Ping

Sunday, August 21, 2011

SEDEX28 Appreciation Dinner

21st August 2011
SEDEX28 Appreciation Dinner was held in Pocket D using Paprika Cafe with Indian Food served. Though not all committee members of Secretariat Department came, I could see the integrity of other departments with a lot of committees and officers turned up for this dinner. The event T-shirt and Certificate of Appreciation was distributed and marks the end of this semester's Science and Engineering Design Exhibition.

On the whole, I gained a lot of experience when joining this event. Besides managing my own department and fulfilling our jobscope, I also get to know how other people generate ideas on their inventions and prototypes.

EDX27 : Committee member of Secretariat Department
SEDEX28 : Head of department of Secretariat Department
SEDEX29 : ?

I'm definitely staying in SEDEX29 in order to gain more experience, know more people, increase my knowledge capacity and also have FUN!

Secretariat Department
Standing from Left: Chou Zhi Jian, Oo Woei Luen, Chee Pui San, Irene Ling Fun Yen
Sitting: Wong Yoong Xiang (Head of Department)
Not in Picture: Chang Ee Von (Secretary of Department), Chua Yin Ching, Chua Lin Kiat 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


10th & 11th August 2011
Both of these days mark a meaningful day for me. SEDEX, Science and Engineering Design Exhibition is my first appointed Head of Department. Being in Secretariat Department for EDX27 as committee, I was appointed Head of Secretariat Department after undergoing an interview with my Event Manager, Yvonne earlier this semester.

On the whole, being in event division and as the head of department of Secretariat Department wasn't an easy task. This semester, I faced a much tougher task, in which I have to personally invite the primary and secondary schools around Batu Gajah and Bota to participate in a new formed category in SEDEX named Youth Inventor's Category (YIC). It was a whole new experience as I get to explore the schools around UTP and in Batu Gajah.

Towards the event, we, the Secretariat Department have to organize Participant Briefing and Participant Registrations for the selected participants of SEDEX28. There were 5 categories in total for SEDEX28 this semester, namely:

1. Engineering Team Project (ETP)
A team project consisting from 5 to 7 people with different engineering stream backgrounds. It is a compulsory project for the 3rd Year students in UTP. This category is only open to engineering stream students namely. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Petroleum Engineering only.

2. Final Year Project (FYP)
An individual project involving final year students with all the courses background.

3. Postgraduate Research (PG)
An individual project involving post graduate students with all the courses background

4. Open Innovation Challenge (OIC)
A team or individual project in which this category is open to everyone in the university regardless of staffs or students

5. Youth Inventor's Category (YIC)
A team project involving primary and secondary school students around Batu Gajah and Bota.

Our task was to complete the full database of these participants and ensure that they provide all the necessary details. This task wasn't as easy as it seems because the participants kept changing their project titles and most are absent during the Participant Briefing and Participant Registration especially ETP category students who only send one or two representatives to check the database instead of the whole team. Our department only recognizes 100% accuracy in the database with multiples of double checking is required.

On the Day 1 of the event day, we were at the Circulation as early as 7am. Our job was to ask the participants to finalized their database before I hand them to Adjudication Department and Prizes & Souvenirs Department. The database was soon completed and our only task on that day is to act as Information Counter for participants to inquire questions.

We started Day 2 in the Circulation as well from 7.30am and our job was the same as Day 1, which is to act as Information Counter and towards the end of Day 2, we have to return the deposit which we have collected during the Participant Registration back to the participants. This concludes most of our jobscope for Secretariat Department.

Special thanks to my seven (7) committee members who have assisted me throughout this event (alphabetical order):
1. Chang Ee Von
2. Chee Pui San
3. Chou Zhi Jian
4. Chua Lin Kiat
5. Chua Yin Ching
6. Irene Ling Fun Yen
7. Oo Woei Luen

Some snapshots during the event:

From top left : Irene, Chou and Ching

Girls: (Woei Luen and Eevon)

Rani (Secretary) and Angelea (Public Relation Department)

Kanagesh (HOD Food and Beverage) and Dinesh (Project Director)

Khai Zern (Prizes and Souvenirs Department)

Yun Huan (Event Manager) aka Yun Hung who got her name typed wrongly on the corperate shirt  

Changing into new template

20th August 2011
Busy with tests, assignments, quizzes, projects and presentations life in UTP. I started making my very own Curriculum Vitae (CV) for some very valid reasons.

Today, I spend almost 3 hours designing my new blog template. Having learnt photoshop is a whole new different me. Last time, I used to depend only on Paint or some links in the website to design some noob photos. Now, with photoshop in my PC, I can play with the tools and design many templates. This is the template which I used:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pre SEDEX Post

10 August 2011
It cant be a long post. SEDEX is later and I have to be at the Circulation by 7am. Gotta sleep soon. SEDEX stands for Science and Design Engineering Exhibition. I'm the Head of Secretariat Department. Lately, many responsibilities were bestowed upon me and I can felt the stress. Nonetheless, all my events are going to end this week and I will solely focus on my academic studies soon.

This is previous semester's gold medal. It was EDX, Engineering Design Exhibition last semester, before the  name is changed to SEDEX.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Digital Electronics 1 Project

4th of August 2011
I have not slept for 2 days just to complete this project. I woke up until 7am waiting for sun to rise. Today, I was very happy because my Digital Electronic project of making an ATM Circuit has finally finished and succeeded. I hope my sacrifices paid off. I really hate those people who are not committed with me when making this project.

My ATM project
Single handed design and build the circuit.
Partner - Ban Siong