Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nobody Knows It But Me ♥

I was listening to a lot of songs in Youtube while I'm studying for my final exams which is the week after next. It is just one more week before my finals and I been quite tensed up cause I just don't have the mood to study. I'll sit on my desk with my notes open for 15 minutes maximum and then I'll wonder around in my house. Haha.

Watched Space Jam today in TV and it really brings back a lot of my childhood memories. I like Space Jam because it's about the Looney Tunes and also Basketball

 Childhood memories~ Space Jam!

 Bugs and Lola Bunny ♥

I prefer Looney Tunes by Warner Bros. instead of Disney. However I like Disney's songs more.

Well, I would like to dedicate this song on my blog ♥ ~ Nobody knows it but me ~ by BabyFace

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