Sunday, August 21, 2011

SEDEX28 Appreciation Dinner

21st August 2011
SEDEX28 Appreciation Dinner was held in Pocket D using Paprika Cafe with Indian Food served. Though not all committee members of Secretariat Department came, I could see the integrity of other departments with a lot of committees and officers turned up for this dinner. The event T-shirt and Certificate of Appreciation was distributed and marks the end of this semester's Science and Engineering Design Exhibition.

On the whole, I gained a lot of experience when joining this event. Besides managing my own department and fulfilling our jobscope, I also get to know how other people generate ideas on their inventions and prototypes.

EDX27 : Committee member of Secretariat Department
SEDEX28 : Head of department of Secretariat Department
SEDEX29 : ?

I'm definitely staying in SEDEX29 in order to gain more experience, know more people, increase my knowledge capacity and also have FUN!

Secretariat Department
Standing from Left: Chou Zhi Jian, Oo Woei Luen, Chee Pui San, Irene Ling Fun Yen
Sitting: Wong Yoong Xiang (Head of Department)
Not in Picture: Chang Ee Von (Secretary of Department), Chua Yin Ching, Chua Lin Kiat 

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