Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Doraemon Diary ♥

3rd September 2011
Today, 101 years later, is supposed to be Doraemon's birthday. However, Doraemon came to the 20th century to help Nobita Nobi who is a lazy and sluggish boy. Doraemon is born on 3rd September 2112 and has an equal weight of 129.3kg, equal height of 129.3cm and equal body circle of 129.3cm. Besides that, his jumping height is also 129.3cm and running speed of 129.3cm per minute.

Doraemon's bearing code is MS-903 and has a 4 dimensional pocket which consists of many useful tools to help Nobita. His favourite food is Dorayaki, a Japanese treat consisting of two pancake-like patties, wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean.

Well, I started to like Doraemon when I was very young, I just couldn't remember my age at that time, approximately 7 years old? It all started when I saw the first Doraemon Long Story comic, Nobita and the Dinosaur is a bookstore and my dad bought it for me. Since then, I fell in  with Doraemon and pesters my dad to buy me more comics.

Doraemon is my childhood character and I'm sure everyone of you have one.


Well, these were my favourite shots on Doraemon that is in my phone's photo album~

On the left one: I saw this doll in a shop in Batu Gajah May this year (2011)
On the right one: I saw this lantern in a shop in Tronoh August last year (2010)

Well, I do have a Doraemon doll which is gifted by someone very special in my life 

This doll is gifted by someone very special in my life. It is now in UTP on my bed. I do not dare to open even the plastic because I'm afraid that it will get dirty. I love it so much that I know if it gets dirty, I might not get a replacement for it anymore in my life. This is why until now, I'm still reluctant to open the plastic or even peel off the price tag. I really miss those moments. >< Treasure what you have!

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