Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truth is spoken

20 September 2011

Yesterday was my birthday - 190911. My facebook wall was spammed with wishes by my beloved and close friends. Besides that, I also received a few sms and calls from my friends greeting me. Thank you to all who had sincerely wished me on my birthday. I replied every post on my facebook wall without using the copy-and- paste keys.

Well, I started my day waking up super-early-than-usual to check my facebook.

While hanging around in facebook, Pui San asked me whether I wanted to celebrate my birthday somewhere else. Initially, me and Charles would like to hang out at night, but it finally turns out that we changed our plan.

I had to go to Charles's house to fetch him. We dropped by at the railway station to drop his sister who wanted to go to KL, then we headed for Jusco.

We decided to watch Johnny English Reborn. This movie is extraordinary hilarious and I laughed non-stop throughout the whole movie featuring Roman Atkinson

Thanks to Pui San for treating me this movie.

Before we headed for movie, Charles treated me lunch - MCD Fillet-o-Fish McValue Meal

Thanks to Charles for making me this birthday cake and for the lunch

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