Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dayoff from Work~

 11th October 2011

Tuesday was my dayoff from working. I came back to UTP exactly one month after my final exams. I promised Pui San to bring her out and gave her birthday present. Watched Three Musketeers in Jusco.

Amazingly, it was directed by Paul W.S Anderson!
Featuring: Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson and Luke Evans

KL: Walk Walk

23rd September & 24th September 2011

I went to KL to find Cheng Zheng. Initially I wanted to buy some nice clothes and stuffs. But nothing suits me and those things are too expensive.

I went to:
Suria KLCC
Petaling Street 
Wangsa Walk Mall

 Cant capture the whole building. >< This shirt I bought in Melaka's Mahkota Parade

End of my trip and back in Ipoh at night. I wanted to visit Melaka again with my special one.  

Melaka : I conquered you ~

22 & 23 September

This was my first time visiting Melaka. In reality, I haven't been visiting much places around Malaysia even my own state, Perak. I have only been to Taiping, Pangkor Island and Lumut once or twice. Other than Tronoh, Batu Gajah and my very own hometown Ipoh, I hadn't visited other places in Perak. Me, Yee Jie and Kai Xian took bus to Melaka from Negeri Sembilan which was around 1hour and 30 minutes trip. We first arrived at Melaka Sentral and was lost in direction, in terms of places to visit. We decided to call our friend, Lin Kiat whom resides in Melaka.

We first visited Mahkota Parade before Lin Kiat come fetching us to Globallion Hotel, Melaka to overnight. Lin Kiat's dad paid for the full hotel fees for us. ^^

We visited Mahkota Parade in the morning, but this was taken at night =)

With Lin Kiat around, he became our tour guide and bought us around Melaka. After checking into our hotel rooms, we took a short rest before heading out for a special dinner at:
T-Bowl Restaurant. It looks like a kopitiam but everything inside is toilet based! Cool!

 Things that I ordered for my dinner, yummy! Everything was toilet based! ^^

Right after our tremendous dinner, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan, another gigantic shopping complex in Melaka:
Dataran Pahlawan and the night view of Melaka. We even viewed the whole Melaka from a very great height. The scene was trilling!

This concludes our 22nd September night in Melaka.

Early on 23rd September in Melaka, we went swimming! The water was very cold, chilling and freezing. We were shivering and trembling inside the water. It was my first time swimming in the morning in those freezing water, insane!

 I will never try to swim again in the morning! I catch a cold after that :P

After swimming and cleaning up ourselves, we went out to have our breakfast, Dim Sum. It was very worth because I ate a lot and the food there is very nice. I couldn't remember the shop name. Before leaving Melaka,we headed to Jonker Street:

 Enjoying Dim Sum in Melaka

 Around Jonker Street. Kampung Ketek is inside Jonker Street!

After purchasing various souvenirs and handcrafts, we headed to the famous Red Stadhuys Building and Kota A Famosa:

 A beautiful windmill opposite the Red Stadhuys Building

 This plane was used for war and travelling long ago. Now it's for display beside the Red Stadhuys Building

 together-gether emo!
 taken by some tourists from China who asked us to pose like this.
 yay! Kota A Famosa!

 It was very hot that day, we decided to stop by at a Chicken Riceball Restaurant to have our lunch:

Chicken Riceball which can only be found in Melaka and not Ipoh!

That sums up my trip in Melaka with me, Kai Xian, Yee Jie and Lin Kiat heading different directions back home. I went to KL to visit Cheng Zheng before I go back home. :)

Around and After Seremban ~

22 September 2011

I have been experiencing a new leaf of life lately, 'working life' which seems to be a whole new different environment for me to encounter. I'll blog about my 'working life' soon, but now I wished to accomplished what I left out beforehand. It has been almost one month since my semester break trip around Seremban, Melaka and KL. I stopped posting at Seremban on my previous post because the pictures taken there were no uploaded by my friend, Yee Jie.

At Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Photos credits to Yee Jie's camera.

On 21st September 2011, we resided at Ming Mutiara Hotel, Seremban for one night and departed to Melaka in the afternoon of 22nd September 2011. Below are some pictures of our astounding vacation in Seremban.

Taking ETS to Seremban

 Visited Taman Budaya Negeri Sembilan, but there was nothing there. It is more like a Multipurpose Hall, where only important functions are held there.

We visited the Muzium Negeri, Negeri Sembilan

 Meriam (Canon) that is used to defend the state during Yamtuan Antah's ruling. Still remember who is Yamtuan Antah? Read back your Form 2 Sejarah Textbook. 

 Gamelan at Muzium Negeri, Negeri Sembilan!

 Some of the artifacts in the muzium.. Cool!

 After visiting the museum, we took bus and departed to Melaka in the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seremban Trip

21st September 2011

Sorry for this late post. I was waiting for my friend to upload the photos but it turns out that he had "put on my aeroplane". Nevertheless, I'll just blog without those photos.

During this long semester break, me, Yee Jie and Kai Xian, together planned to have a trip after our exams to relax ourselves. Initially, we decided to explore Melaka, but we changed our plan to visit Negeri Sembilan for one day,as we had not been there before.

Early in the morning, Yee Jie and Kai Xian took bus from Penang and Teluk Intan respectively to meet me in Ipoh. We boarded the ETS (Electric Train Service) to Seremban which is it's last stop from Ipoh. This was my second time boarding ETS, the last time was going to KL to attend my dad's brother's wedding engagement ceremony.

We arrived Seremban in the evening. After checking into our hotels, we cruised around Seremban. However, Seremban was not up to my expectations as there were nothing much to wander around. That night, we only managed to visit Seremban Parade which is very much more dull compared to Ipoh Parade. I was thinking to buy some souvenirs there for my friends but it turns out that there is NOTHING to buy!

Soon, we left Seremban Parade to have our dinner. For the first time in my life, I had porridge with frog meat "tin kai juk". It was the most spicy porridge I ever had in my entire life! After dinner, there were nothing much for us to do. We headed back to rest and the next morning, we visited Muzium Negeri, our last stop before we headed to Melaka....

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