Sunday, October 16, 2011

Around and After Seremban ~

22 September 2011

I have been experiencing a new leaf of life lately, 'working life' which seems to be a whole new different environment for me to encounter. I'll blog about my 'working life' soon, but now I wished to accomplished what I left out beforehand. It has been almost one month since my semester break trip around Seremban, Melaka and KL. I stopped posting at Seremban on my previous post because the pictures taken there were no uploaded by my friend, Yee Jie.

At Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Photos credits to Yee Jie's camera.

On 21st September 2011, we resided at Ming Mutiara Hotel, Seremban for one night and departed to Melaka in the afternoon of 22nd September 2011. Below are some pictures of our astounding vacation in Seremban.

Taking ETS to Seremban

 Visited Taman Budaya Negeri Sembilan, but there was nothing there. It is more like a Multipurpose Hall, where only important functions are held there.

We visited the Muzium Negeri, Negeri Sembilan

 Meriam (Canon) that is used to defend the state during Yamtuan Antah's ruling. Still remember who is Yamtuan Antah? Read back your Form 2 Sejarah Textbook. 

 Gamelan at Muzium Negeri, Negeri Sembilan!

 Some of the artifacts in the muzium.. Cool!

 After visiting the museum, we took bus and departed to Melaka in the afternoon.


suit li said...

hehe, seremban really have nothing. same like me when i was new here last year. luckily got relative here, although no any fun place to go, but they can bring me around for seremban delicacies. Many delicacies could be found here. and sigh. thought can meet you last time, but but....hmmm. nevermind la, still have chance right. hehe

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

i cant find the famous seremban siew pao pon.......>< so sad...nvr been to port dickson but my fren say not nice so din go...