Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seremban Trip

21st September 2011

Sorry for this late post. I was waiting for my friend to upload the photos but it turns out that he had "put on my aeroplane". Nevertheless, I'll just blog without those photos.

During this long semester break, me, Yee Jie and Kai Xian, together planned to have a trip after our exams to relax ourselves. Initially, we decided to explore Melaka, but we changed our plan to visit Negeri Sembilan for one day,as we had not been there before.

Early in the morning, Yee Jie and Kai Xian took bus from Penang and Teluk Intan respectively to meet me in Ipoh. We boarded the ETS (Electric Train Service) to Seremban which is it's last stop from Ipoh. This was my second time boarding ETS, the last time was going to KL to attend my dad's brother's wedding engagement ceremony.

We arrived Seremban in the evening. After checking into our hotels, we cruised around Seremban. However, Seremban was not up to my expectations as there were nothing much to wander around. That night, we only managed to visit Seremban Parade which is very much more dull compared to Ipoh Parade. I was thinking to buy some souvenirs there for my friends but it turns out that there is NOTHING to buy!

Soon, we left Seremban Parade to have our dinner. For the first time in my life, I had porridge with frog meat "tin kai juk". It was the most spicy porridge I ever had in my entire life! After dinner, there were nothing much for us to do. We headed back to rest and the next morning, we visited Muzium Negeri, our last stop before we headed to Melaka....

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