Monday, November 21, 2011

Malaysia BOLEH!!

21st November 2011

I was watching Malaysia against Indonesia and every moment was very tensed. In the end, Malaysia beat Indonesia on penalties. The last penalty shot from Malaysia captain was very tensed! The ball was stopped by the Indonesia goalkeeper, however inflicted and rolled into the goal!

MALAYSIA retained their SEA GAMES gold medal and title which was won two years ago!


BTW, I just bought Samsung Galaxy S2 (White) today using my hard earned money from working..XD
I waited 1 hour for it when buying it. =)

ps: Charging my Samsung Galaxy S2

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working Shirt?

18th November 2011

Simply designed a Tshirt for working purposes?

Puppy Love with Apples

15th November 2011, Tuesday

Another contented day of day-off from work. The movie  "那些年,我們一起追的女孩" also known as "You are the apple of my eye" has been widely remarked and mentioned in Facebook. Everyone is debating how awesome, awe-inspiring and sweet this movie is, and I'm so tempted to watch this splendid movie from Taiwan. Hence, on this day-off, I decided to watch this movie with Kar Nee. I have already bought early bird tickets for this movie few days ago and I'm so impressed with this movie because it seriously did not let me down. The story line is fantastic and emotional sweet.

I have this OST You are the apple of my eye album. The songs are so sweet =)

This movie is about a teenage boy named Ko Teng who had a crush on this girl, Shen Chia-Yi whom also likes the boy. However, due to the boy's immaturity, their puppy love ends and the whole romantic story ends with Chia-Yi marrying another man. During Chia-Yi's wedding, the scene was so emotional with Ko Teng blessing Shen Chia-Yi happy with her husband. The story line basically rewinds how regretful Ko Teng didn't realize that Chia-Yi also loves him dearly. The plot of the story is taken from wikipedia:

The story begins in the year 1994. Shen Chia-Yi is popular among teachers and her classmates as an outstanding student and a girl to date. She is also the class representative. Only mischievous Ko Ching-Teng claims having no interest in her, despite being her classmate since junior high school. One day, the class teacher arranges Ching-Teng to sit in front of Chia-Yi after he got caught for masturbating in class.
One English lesson, Chia-Yi has not brought her textbook to class. Pitying her, Ching-Teng slips her his and confesses the teacher to not bringing the textbook. Ching-Teng then endures a long lecture and is punished. Chia-Yi, moved by his act, prepares a practice paper for Ching-Teng in return, to encourage him to work hard in his studies. She also convinces him to stay after school to study with her. Since then, their relationship grows, and Ching-Teng's grades improve.
Upon graduation, Ching-Teng manages to enroll to the National Chiao Tung University. Yet, Chia-Yi was unwell during examinations and enters theNational Taipei University of Education as a result of underperforming. Chia-Yi, depressed by the result, is consoled by Ching-Teng. Chia-Yi also receives long distance phone calls from Ching-Teng almost every night during their time at university. During the Christmas season that year, the two of them go for their first unofficial date.
Ching-Teng believes that men should show their "strength" to women, so he decides to organize a duel and invites Chia-Yi to spectate. However, Chia-Yi thinks Ching-Teng is childish to hold the duel and risk injuring himself. Ching-Teng is upset that Chia-Yi doesn't appreciate his show of strength, and breaks up with her.
After their break-up, Bo-Chun dates Chia-Yi for a short time, but breaks up five months later. In the two years after their breakup, Ching-Teng does not have any contact with Chia-Yi. In the meantime, he manages to qualify for a research course at the Tunghai University upon graduation. He starts to write web novels during his time there. Ching-Teng managed to mantain contact with Chia-Yi after the 921 earthquake, when he called her to find out if she was injured.
Years later, in 2004, Chia-Yi calls Ching-Teng to tell him that she is getting married. All of her old friends gather at the wedding, joking about trying to embarrass the groom. Nevertheless, they are finally surprised that their past emotions have transformed into a profound friendship and ever calmness in their hearts. Ching-Teng also starts to write a web novel about his experiences with Chia-Yi.

Hu Chia-Wei aka Wan Wan is Shen Chia-Yi's best friend.

 Ko Teng was asked to sit in front of Chia-Yi because he masturbates in class ==

 Ko Teng gave his textbook to Chia-Yi, but gets himself punished. Their puppy loves starts here

The 5 best and hilarious friends

Chia-Yi wanted to tell Ko Teng that she also loves him, but Ko Teng rejects to know to truth.

Overall this movie is so nice and sweet. It's worth watching and I wished to watch it again. =)

Besides watching this movie today, I also watched Immortals with Kar Nee. This movie look so dirty and cruel. It is about a boy Theseus, chosen by Zeus to fight Hyperion. The whole synopsis of the story is obtained from wikipedia

The Heraklion King of Crete, Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), declares war on Olympus after the Gods fail to answer his prayers to save his family from illness, and starts searching for the Epirus Bow, a powerful weapon created by the God of War Ares (Daniel Sharman), which he intends to use to release the Titans from Mount Tartarus and destroy the gods.
Hyperion attacks several holy places in search of the Epirus Bow, and after kidnapping a virgin oracle priestess called Phaedra (Freida Pinto) to help him, advances towards a nearby village, where the young Theseus (Henry Cavill) lives with his mother. Theseus' mother conceived him after being raped, and he is thus considered a bastard and prevented from evacuating the village with its other inhabitants by the soldier Lysander (Joseph Morgan). Theseus defeats him in combat, which he was taught by an old man (John Hurt), and Lysander is discharged by his commanding officer. Infuriated, he offers his services to Hyperion.
The old man is actually Zeus (Luke Evans) in disguise. He meets with Ares, Poseidon (Kellan Lutz), Athena (Isabel Lucas), Apollo (Corey Sevier) andHeracles (Steve Byers), and tells them that they can't directly interfere with the conflict until the Titans are released from Tartarus. Meanwhile, Theseus returns to the village only to discover that Hyperion and his army have already attacked. Hyperion murders Theseus' mother in front of him and sends him to work as a slave in the mines, where Theseus befriends another prisoner, the thief Stavros (Stephen Dorff).
Phaedra has a vision of Theseus fighting Hyperion after accidentally touching him and tells Stavros to make sure Theseus is always by his side. She and the other captured oracles later start a riot, in which she, Theseus, and Stravros escape alongside other slaves. Theseus decides to go after Hyperion and the others follow him. They attack a boat filled with Hyperion's men, but are overpowered. They are however rescued when Poseidon causes a tidal wave which knocks Hyperion's men out. On their way out, Phaedra has a vision that Theseus needs to return to his village and bury his mother, which he does.
In the process, he finds the Epirus Bow, but is attacked by Hyperion's soldier, the Minotaur (Robert Maillet) while the others are attacked by soldiers. The Minotaur was warned of Theseus' presence by Lysander. Theseus finally defeats the Minotaur and rescues his allies using the Epirus Bow, before collapsing due to being poisoned by the Minotaur. Phaedra takes him to her house, where she cures him and they have sex, which causes her to lose her premonitory powers.
The group returns to Phaedra's temple, only to discover that it is filled with Hyperion's soldiers. They capture the group and steal the Epirus Bow, forcing Ares to intervene and save them. Athena comes from Olympus as well. Zeus sees this trechary, and is ready to kill Athena, but he spares her life. Ares, however, does not back down, and says that he had to do what he did. An infuriated Zeus uses a fire chain to knock Ares into the marble wall to his presumed death. Athena is able to provide horses for the group which they use to ride to Mount Tartarus which is under attack by Hyperion's forces. Hyperion releases the Titans using the Epirus Bow, and they are confronted by the Gods, while Theseus and his allies join forces with the Athenian army present.
Theseus enters the temple and fights Hyperion. He is stabbed multiple times, but is able to kill Hyperion by stabbing him in the neck before dying. Meanwhile, the Gods are overpowered by the Titans, who kill Apollo, Athena, Heracles and nearly kill Poseidon. Before Zeus returns to Mount Olympus with his dead daughter, he collapses the temple upon the Titans, killing them as well as most of Hyperion's forces, while the rest are imprisoned by the Athenians. Two beams are seen ascending to Olympus which are Zeus carrying his daughter and Poseidon. Theseus also ascends to the skies as a beam.
Theseus is welcomed into Mount Olympus by the Gods for his sacrifice, and is awarded with a son from his night with Phaedra. The boy inherits his mother's premonitions and is trained by the old man in mastering them after discovering that, in the future, there'll be a war between the Gods and the Titans, with Theseus leading the Gods in battle on Mount Olympus.

Friday, November 11, 2011


8th November 2011
I went to Ipoh Parade with Kar Nee. She wanted to buy some clothes after our pay-out, therefore I decided to accompany her. I myself bought a very cute tee and a Radioactive belt. =)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Steel

1st November 2011
First post of November 2011. Again 1st November was Tuesday and also my day-off. I went to Ipoh Parade to watch Real Steel with Ivy. She accompanied me to buy some clothes too in FOS.