Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Arthur Christmas

6th December 2011

There is supposed to be an event called Electrex, Electrical and Electronic Exhibition on 7th December 2011. Initially, I've taken leave to attend the event back in UTP, but the event had been postponed to 21st December 2011 in which I got pissed off a little by this change. Nonetheless, I still returned to UTP early in the morning, had breakfast at V2 with MJ Pua and then had lunch at KFC Seri Iskandar with Charles and MJ. I also managed to visit the newly opened Tesco at Seri Iskandar which is very much smaller compared to Tesco Station 18.

Since I had decided to overnight at UTP, Charles lend his room for me to stay in. In the evening, we went over to the swimming pool to swim. I've not been swimming for a long time already and my stamina had gone down. After bathing, me, Charles, MJ and Aaron headed to Jusco for movie. We were in time to catch Arthur Christmas, although we missed out Puss in Boots. After watching movie, we headed back to UTP. Before going to sleep, me, MJ and Charles headed to Mamak for supper at around 2am. 

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