Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Feet 2 + Petaling Street Warrior

7th December 2011

After one night in UTP, I headed back to Ipoh at 9am to fetch Ivy from her house. Today, Suit Li decided to come to Ipoh to have gathering with us. Right after fetching Ivy, I went to fetch Suit Li at Medan Gopeng and had breakfast behind Jusco. We watched back to back movies - Happy Feet 2 and Petaling Street Warriors.

During Happy Feet 2, we were joined by Jessmin and during Petaling Street Warriors, we were joined by Hong Tat. After the movies, we went over to DE Garden's Wong Kok Restaurant to have our lunch before fetching everyone home.

What's amazing is that Suit Li got the same seats in the same cinema for both the movies.


suit li said...

haha. thanks it was my first interesting experience anyway. i thought it must be tired to have double movies in a short time, but actually not. Too many nice movies will be coming, time too short for me to catch up all of them, i must probably try double movies next time! LOL :)

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

haha...looks like i've influenced u...yup, too much movies nowadays....1 movie per day is not enough...:P

u were not sleepy cause the second movie was more hilarious and exciting compared to the first one..XD

i watched puss in boots and the muppets....and i felt so sleepy when watching the second movie, the muppets..== :P