Sunday, January 29, 2012

1 Malaysia Book Voucher

30 January 2012
Today, I've received my RM200 Book Vouchers after queuing some time for it. Upon receiving the vouchers, me and my friends headed to the university book store to spend our valuable vouchers. We bought books for a sum of RM140. The terms and conditions of this book voucher as stated behind:

1. This voucher is valid until 31/03/2012
2. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash
3. This voucher is not transferable to another owner
4. This voucher is not valid if the school/college/university chop is missing
5. This voucher belongs to the Malaysian government

The thickness of each book kills!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post CNY outing

28 January 2012

Nothing much special today. I just went to Jusco and hang out with Charles. We watched Journey 2 - "The Mysterious Island" as Chinese New Year movies are mostly full. What's amazing about this movie is that it is starred by "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY Mini Reunion

25 January 2012

Today is officially my final day of 4 months semester break. Before returning to my usual hectic and studying life, I've decided to hang out and had gathering with my friends. Ivy, Jessmin, Hong Tat, Cheng Zheng and I went to Ipoh Parade and met up. We had our mouth watering lunch at Sushi King. Besides, we also noticed that in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration, Sushi King offers a Mini Yee Sang for just RM8.88, in which we ordered. Each of us toss as high as possible, whispered out our 2012 resolutions and shared a bite of the Yee Sang each.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pre- 2012 Dragon CNY

21 January 2011

Today I went to Jusco to watch movie with Kar Nee ~ Ah Beng the Movie - Three Wishes 阿炳心想事成

Besides that, I also went back to my ex-working place to collect my salary and commission. I was greeted warmly by my ex-colleagues and they treated me for this Yee Sang treat.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Dragon CNY Tee-Shirt

18th January 2012

I went to Jusco with Charles today and watched another movie - Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows.

Besides that, I also bought this 2012 Dragon CNY T-Shirt, by My Astro.

Picture speaks a thousand words.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


17th January 2012

The title of this post is actually the chorus part of a Chinese New Year song which I've been searching recently - still no luck. ><. Nevertheless, I went to Ipoh Parade today with Charles and met up with Pui San. I bought myself a pair of new shoes and watched "Laughing Gor 之潛罪犯"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

♥ Love is Blind

14th January 2012

Today is Diary Valentines Day and my dad's younger sister got married at Swiss Garden Hotel, KL. I would say my family had portrayed the spirit of 1Malaysia - my dad's elder brother's wife is a Malay while his younger sister just got married to an Indian. Thus, this completes the 3 main imperative ethnicity of Malaysia in my family - Malay, Chinese and Indian. The wedding dinner progressed lucratively with both charming groom and elegant-yet-gorgeous bride blessed with jubilation and joyfulness.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tee-shirt & Tee-ket

12th January 2012

Today is Kar Nee's birthday! and I accompanied her to Jusco. We watched this new movie called "The Greatest Magician - 大魔术师" and went around for shopping.

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I bought myself a new *tee-shirt* from Giordano

Not only that, my Stitch Couple Shirt - online ordering, had finally arrived

Last but not least, I've bought the *tee-kets* to Doraemon World 2012 at Arena Stars, Genting. Felt so excited awaiting the day to arrive.

This is the movie I've watched today with Kar Nee

This movie is worth-watching and hilarious

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Blog Template

A new year, a new template. Turning into a new leaf and placed a new template replacing the old one..



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 - First Post of the Year

10th January 2012

A new year have started and I've stopped working on 9th of January. My 3 months stint at Youngs, Greentown had finally ended, meaning that I've around 2 weeks to get ready to go back to studying life. As I bid farewell to my colleagues, I realized that I've learnt a lot of things during my working period - I'm more of an extrovert person now.

Besides, I also watched my first movie of the year in Jusco with Su Ann.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cherishing Moments in 2011

From being flooded by books and papers, bashed by assignments and swamped by hectic exam schedules in my university, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) at the end of 2010, my 2011 year started with a bang! and this whole 2011 year, it was remarkable and awesome!! This post will be my last ever post scribbled in 2011 and it will be my usual year review. Flashback, I started my blog in 2008 after browsing through some of the impressive and splendid blogs made and fashioned by my friends. The blog that actually inspired me to start a blog of my own is by my long known friend, Ivan Tan. My blog is NOT about fashioned clothes and trends, humorous comic strips nor any anti political reviews, but my blog is literally all about myself and my lifestyle, the memorable episodes that happen all around my world and my existence.

I usually do my reviews in months starting from.......

January - Delight Initiator
My year of 2011 surely start with a hit! As a scholar of Petronas, I am obligatory to attend this inaugural Soaring The Eagle (STE) Camp, held in PERMATA, Bangi for a total 6 days, from 8th to 13th of January 2011. Basically, the camp was a team-building, leadership training and skills management camp. My friends and I were overflowed with tons of excitements and knowledge throughout the camp. I am really glad to be a Petronas scholar judging by the service provided during my stay at PERMATA which is also known as Petronas Management Training Centre.

Honest speaking, I achieved splendid knowledge and acquaintance throughout this camp, which is once-in-a-lifetime experience. The memories during this camp will be kept alive forever! January was short. My life as an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student in UTP had finally started as a First Year First Semester student. Study materials had been getting harder, a nightmare! and I've already gone into the core of my studies - circuit and electronic stuffs. Classes were usual, but most of my friends from different engineering courses were separated and no longer together in the same class. However, we still met each other during non-core subject classes and leisure times.

Watching movies had now moved to be part of my life.

February - Rabbit's Offering
February is the month this year that all Chinese around the globe were thrilled to celebrate the most imperative event known as Chinese New Year. Which Chinese kid doesn't enjoy this occasion as we get to receive a mass of affluent red packets filled with riches? Reunions, gatherings and outings were typical and usual.

Besides that, I also deluged myself with numerous events in UTP in order to gain more prominence and experience. This one which I've taken part in is known as Event Management Seminar (EMS). Practically, the name of the event says-it-all - an event which teaches people how to successfully and triumphantly manage an event.

After this event, I was also involved in another event known as Red Sonata Fiesta 2 - Summer Vaganza, a Chinese orchestra event with lot's of performances and songs played and presented. Up along in this event, I was in Sponsorship and Merchandise Department in which my job is to contact sponsors to subsidize the event.

March - Jaunt Madness
There was nothing much that happened during March except for some excursions and outings with friends. However, life was getting busier and hectic as more and more assignments, projects accumulate, waiting for me to complete. Nonetheless, I've already known that engineering life isn't easy. Thus, I've received many supports and upholds from my seniors and relatives.

I may look like I have plenty of time watching movies, but it doesn't seem like that at all. Have you ever heard of this phrase? "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy". I could be serious at times when I deal with work and studies, but there are times too that I need a break from all these hectic life. Months coming up the 2011 year are getting tiring and busier.

April - Event Appetizer
I look leisure during March? Well, have a look at April. I've took part in way too many events until I couldn't have enough air to grasp. April 1st or better known as April Fool, supposed to be a day to prank others, but out of ecstasy, I was involved in this event called International Culture Night (ICN) -  a night of concert where international UTP students from worldwide performing their culture in our spacious and immense Chancellor Hall. Various cultures, traditions, customs and ethnicity were outlaid and performed. It was indeed an eye-opening experience, having able to witness different races and beliefs around the world just in UTP.

Without knowing the meaning of exhausted and worn-out, I was again engaged in another event known as Electrical and Electronic Engineering Day (E3 Day) - an event organised by Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society (E3SS). We were entailed to spend a day with SK Si Puteh Year 6 students, teaching them English and Mathematics. Furthermore, various games and activities were also assembled and arranged for them. During this event, I had an unforgettable yarn. There was this Year 6 boy, whom I tried to communicate with since the beginning of this event - no matter how hard I tried to talk to him, his replies and responds were only 'yes' or 'no'. My heart suddenly really felt grief and sorrow for him as I realized there are many more ill-fated and unfortunate people out there in this world. Being able to study in UTP and interact well with others, I'm really thankful to my parents for raising me up so well.

Up next in this month, I was also involved in one of UTP's utmost and greatest event, Engineering Design Exhibition - the 27th Edition (EDX27). EDX27 is an event where UTP student inventors get to display their innovations and creative inventions and discoveries to be judged. Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to those who qualify with splendid performance. Subsequently, being in Secretariat Department, I was able to change from an introvert personal into an extrovert personal - dealing with participant details and name list which is one of my job scope when I was an executive committee of St John Ambulance during my secondary school phase.

On the same day was also the Foundation Graduation Ceremony - a ceremony where UTP students whom just passed their foundation studies received their certificate of graduation. I got my certificate declaring that I've successfully passed my foundation studies in UTP. I'm satisfied with my foundation results because I knew that I'd tried my very best in my final examinations

Up next is the last and final event that I'd engrossed in this semester - Child Provision (Child Pro) - a charity event to help unfortunate children and orphanages. Many activities were held to raise enough funds and endowments to be donated to the children. Charity night is the night where various performances were being displayed by children and artists to raise more donations.

May - Penang Ticket
Right after finishing my final examinations which marked the end of my First Year First Semester in UTP, I went to an island known as The Pearl of Orient - Penang Island with two of my friends, Kai Xian and Yee Jie. Yee Jie, whom originate from Penang agreed to allow us to stay in his house during our vacation. However, there was a predicament right a few hours before we depart to Penang via bus - I misplaced the bus tickets bought earlier!! Reluctantly, Kai Xian and I decided to buy last minute bus tickets to Penang at the Medan Gopeng bus terminal. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable and pleasant time exploring the mouth-watering delicacies, momentous structures and places and also the stunning sea-shores of Penang Island.

June - Fostering community
In the month of June, along with my UTP friends, we were involved in this heart-warming trip to Pangkor Island. Excitements and thrills filled my heart as I'm able to approach the beaches again - this time with ladies ! On the contrary, besides visiting breathe-taking beaches, we also set out to the town of Pangkor where various local products and merchandises were sold. Above and beyond, we also visit the renowned tourist attraction temple - Fu Lin Kong Temple.

Inadvertently, during my First Year Second Semester in UTP, I was the Head of Promotion and Publication Department (HOD of PNP) of the event Dare to Dream (D2D) - an event which is similar to E3 Day which was mentioned earlier. Only dissimilarity is it's name being amended after vast discussions among the committee members. Family day is a day before a certain event held to foster and cultivate better relationships and understanding between all committee members of the event. As the HOD of PNP, my department was in-charge of photo-taking during the day to make name-tags for everyone.

July - Eventful Month
As far as I'd remember, July and August were the most hectic months of my life. Although I fell very ill and pale during these 2 months, I kept a strong mentality and stay tough. The need to continue my never-ending work, assignment, projects, test etc etc is inherent in myself with staying up additionally late, sometimes didn't doze at all to rush my tasks. I even went to schools around Batu Gajah to make appointments and introduce to their administrators about one of the event which I've joined.

D2D had finally arrive with this time, SK Jernalik was invited. During the event, my committee members were accountable for taking snapshots of the event to be generated in the closing montage by me. Sitting on the floor during the event for nearly 4 hours to produce the montage was very agonizing and aching. Nonetheless, the montage that was medley-ed by me received many praises and admiration. At least, my hard slog paid off with the splendid montage produced. Not forgetting, the D2D logo was outlined and crafted by myself

You can watch the video here - D2D Closing Montage

August - New Template
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the seniors and friends who had taught me how to use Photoshop - indeed by using Photoshop, various snapshots, pictures and words can be edited amicably just like the pictures which I'd posted here. My new template is finally up by August and many changes were seen on my blog - Doraemon themed.

Another noteworthy event which I've participated in is known as Science and Engineering Design Exhibition - 28th Edition (SEDEX28). SEDEX28 is actually the same as EDX27 mentioned earlier - only the name is changed. This time round, I was promoted as the Head of Department from Committee Member of Secretariat Department. As the HOD of Secretariat Department, my accountability and responsibilities were very high as I'm assigned multiple tasks such as going to primary schools and secondary schools around Batu Gajah to commence a new category in SEDEX28 known as Youth Inventor's Category. Of all the hard work we put in, we succeeded in convincing 4 teams from primary school category to take part. As the pioneer of the newly-formed category, it was an enormous achievement from my department for being able to run the category successfully.

September - Doraemon Diary
I am so delighted to have the same birthday month as Doraemon - 3rd September, while mine was 19th September. Anyway, September marked the end of my First Year Second Semester after finishing my final examinations, which means 4 months break from UTP! It also means the start of my movie-watching-bonanza!

Since the break is so lengthy, Kai Xian, Yee Jie and I decided to go on a vacation again. Our target this time is to conquer Melaka. Before we depart, we gathered in Ipoh - my hometown and then took the ETS to Negeri Sembilan. We spend a night roaming around Seremban before boarding a bus to Melaka, where we had blissful and jovial moments. Finally, as we parted into our separate ways, I went to KL to meet my friend.

October - Working Moment
4 months stint of semester holidays is really too much to waste, so I decided to find a job to fill in my time - work in Edwin, Greentown Mall.

November - Salary Given
November is my second working month and I got the salary from working last month. This month is mostly spent on outing and gatherings with friends. With the income I obtained, I bought myself a new smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S2.

Moreover, Ipoh Parade commemorates Children Day with Doraemon and I was there to watch it live!

December - Finale Bash
December is the month in my life that I watched movies in cinema the most. Almost RM100 were spent just to watch movie with friends. Time really passes very swiftly as 3 months of semester break had gone and it's almost the time to get back to studies.

Last but not least, my end of 2011 concluded fantastically. I celebrated 2012 New Year's Countdown with my working colleagues at William IX. This concludes my 2011 year with all the awesome things done. Let's hope 2012 will be a greater one and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!