Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All's Well End's Well (2012)

7 February 2012
Today was supposed to be Thaipusam and also my friend's birthday - Charles. Initially, I'm going to watch movie with Ivy at Jusco, so I asked Charles to join us. We watched All's Well End's Well 2012 "八星抱喜". After the movie, we headed to Oh Sushi @ De Garden for lunch which I treated both of them.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

TikuzZ's Doraemon World 2012 trip

4th February 2012

What an amazing and awesome day I had today - the best in my entire life. The day which I've been waiting for  ages had finally arrived - Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting Highlands. I first started to know about this carnival through facebook when I saw someone posted a poster about it. The carnival was held between 23th January to 5th February 2012. I was so eager to visit this carnival as Doraemon is my childhood buddy and I'm a die-hard fan of him - having thousands of his comics and movies at home.

Nothing could stop me from meeting my greatest buddy of all time - Doraemon, even the extreme weather and huge fog on the day. Despite freezing outside the entrance, waiting for the gate to open at 10am, we managed to snap amazing shots and had a wonderful time inside the carnival.

This carnival was to commemorate 100 years before Doraemon was actually born - 3th September 2112.

My greatest buddy in my entire life - Doraemon

Waiting under huge fog and extreme weather for the gates to Doraemon World 2012 to open
 For every purchase of the entry ticket to Doraemon World 2012, a limited edition Touch N Go card will be gifted. Literally, everything inside the carnival works with this card - it's like a magic card though in which every purchase of merchandise or food must be made using this card. Reloads can be made at the entrance counter and inside the carnival. Generally, the entrance fee of RM35 isn't that expensive after all. The Touch N Go card already costs RM20 and I'm awarded RM5 extra reload for buying the tickets early bird. So, basically the actual entrance fee and all the costs that allow us to snap photos inside the carnival is only RM10. It's more worthy than going Disneyland!

My journey to Doraemon World 2012 was actually guided by a pretty tour guide. She explained everything that is happening around the carnival to us clearly in Mandarin. She first guided us into the first room of the carnival - Comic World which introduces the main characters of Doraemon and also some strips of it's comics.

The pretty tour guide was actually very kind enough to help me and friends snap this group photo in Comic World
The general description of Doraemon
We get to be inside the comic as well!
We actually had only limited time to take photos around the room as we are only allocated 3 minutes for each room. The lights would even dim itself after the time's up. Next room was Nobita's Room. Everything inside the room looks the same as illustrated inside the comic.

Doraemon and Doremi are just too cute!
Again, the tour guide was kind enough to help us take this photo.

The third room was Nobita's Dining Room - consisting of Nobita, his mum and dad having dinner. Where is Doraemon?
Looks exactly the same but Doraemon is missing!

The fourth room was Suneo's living room - a place where Suneo always boosts about how rich he is to his friends and eventually got Nobita jealous.

Trying to imitate Suneo and Giant
LOOK! Nobita's face is starting to get jealous of Suneo's wealth and boosts
  Our final destination by the tour guide was Time Travelling Room. The room was kinda dim and all it has was a Doraemon sitting on the Time Travelling Machine. After visiting this room, the tour guide bid goodbye to us as we can walk around the carnival freely and snap all the photos that we want.

Doraemon on Time Travelling Machine. Just arrive from year of 2112?
Another group photo assisted by the pretty tour guide
After visiting the 5 rooms, we are not allowed to turn back and visit the rooms again, but we are allowed to walk around the carnival as many times as we want. There were mini-shops where every character in Doraemon stand to allow us to snap as many photos as we want.

I manage to snap photos with most of the characters present there.
Having great fun taking the photos. =)

Next up, would be the Doraemon Gallery where some of Doraemon's famous gadgets are being displayed. I managed to snap almost every gadget that is being glassed there.

Look at the size of Mini Doraemon and me..^^
Yeah! I'm (TikuzZ) too hungry and I wanted to eat his ears. That's how Doraemon lost his ears. ^^
These are all the gadgets displayed at the gallery. I think it is needless for me to describe each and every function of the gadgets. If you are a true Doraemon fan, you should know them.

All the gadgets that are displayed in the gallery. Wished I had all of them.

After visiting the Gallery, there was actually a Carnival and a Mall outside the tent. There were food and games provided with all purchases must be done using the Touch N Go card. There was also a self-customizing Touch N Go card where we can purchase our very own self-edit card.

Game stalls where we can play various Doraemon mini games
Before leaving Doraemon World 2012, we managed to take photo with Shizuka and Giant mascots.

This concludes my Doraemon World 2012 trip in Genting. I really hope there would be a carnival like this again in the future with more things to witness and purchase. Oh, and I won a limited edition toy from Japan (according to the commentator) for answering a question correctly on stage. The question goes like this : What is the original colour of Doraemon? Yellow.

These are the merchandises which I bought from the carnival mall - Two T-shirts and One Lanyard. The Touch N Go card is the one which was gifted during the entry, The small toy was the one I won for answering the question on stage. The Doraemon Piggy Bank is the one that my beloved brother, Nicholas gifted to me.

Friday, February 3, 2012

KL Outing (2012)

3rd February 2012

To start off with, I had 4 days break from attending classes in my university due to public holidays. Everything was according to plan as we headed to KL to gather up with my brother, Nicholas before we depart to Genting Highlands the next day. Charles, MJ and I spent a day in KL and overnight at Nicholas's place. That night upon arrival in KL, we hanged around Pavilion and Sungai Wang.

We had Snowflakes after the rain. The feeling was awesome!

Many bears were spotted outside Pavilion

and this amazing CNY Dragon was spotted hanging inside the main hall of Pavilion.

I also watched Viral Factor at Pavilion. The feeling was so great because the movie was actually filmed outside Pavilion and Golden Triangle. I can almost felt that Jay Chou or Nicholas Tse would ram a car into the cinema anytime.