Friday, February 3, 2012

KL Outing (2012)

3rd February 2012

To start off with, I had 4 days break from attending classes in my university due to public holidays. Everything was according to plan as we headed to KL to gather up with my brother, Nicholas before we depart to Genting Highlands the next day. Charles, MJ and I spent a day in KL and overnight at Nicholas's place. That night upon arrival in KL, we hanged around Pavilion and Sungai Wang.

We had Snowflakes after the rain. The feeling was awesome!

Many bears were spotted outside Pavilion

and this amazing CNY Dragon was spotted hanging inside the main hall of Pavilion.

I also watched Viral Factor at Pavilion. The feeling was so great because the movie was actually filmed outside Pavilion and Golden Triangle. I can almost felt that Jay Chou or Nicholas Tse would ram a car into the cinema anytime.

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