Saturday, March 10, 2012


11 March 2012

On a starting note, I have been really busy these few weeks dealing with my university stuffs and also event stuffs. Last month, I watch these 2 movies with my friends but I've no time to post about them. Anyways, it's better late than never.

'The Wedding Diary'. I watch this with Charles, Ivy and Yee Jie on 17th February 2012

 'Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance' - Watch this with Kar Nee on 19th February 2012

And I hadn't watch any movies since then. Currently, I'm having my semester break, but it looks like as though million tons of homework and work load are bestowed upon me.

On an entire different note, I had my Professional Communication Skills presentation last two weeks. 
My technical poster presentation topic is 'Paper Currency - The Manufacturing Process'
My informative technical presentation topic is 'Solar Powered Water Heater'
I had these back-to-back presentations which makes me extremely exhausted.

This is how I look during the presentations

Both these slides are made myself last minute.

Moving on, I was also the Special Task Committee of an event I joined, Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX29). My task was to promote the event and the competition, Youth Inventor's Category to primary and secondary schools around Perak - the same task I did last semester.

SMK St Bernadette's Convent students listening to my presentation. I was able to communicate with the students about their projects too. It was a wholesome experience for me.

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