Thursday, March 15, 2012

SilTerra Field Trip

15 March 2012

Today was a thrilled and exciting day. I had my first field trip of my course to SilTerra, Kulim which is a semiconductor manufacturing company. Weeks and months of planning had finally paid off with 30 of Electrical and Electronic Engineering students from my batch able to witness the company and the ongoing process of microchips production. This field trip was part of our Analogue Electronics I course subject and was guided by our lecturer, Dr Haris.

We departed from UTP at 5.15am and reached SilTerra, Kulim around 9am. We were greeted by Mr Tahir, from Corperate Department of SilTerra who gave us a Corporate Introduction of the company. Next, Dr Philip Tan gave us a technology overview speech and we bombarded him with multiples questions about microchips. Moving on, Madam Noor Shafarina gave us a talk on the opportunities in SilTerra and the ways to apply for an internship or employment in the company

After all the talks, 10 of selected Electrical and Electronic Engineering students from my batch including me were able to witness the Fabrication Tour. We were brought into the Fabrication Room and had to wear the 'thick-astronaut' costume as part of the procedure because the Fabrication Room has to be as clean as possible. The tour was guided by Mr Zambri.

After having lunch and bidding thank you and goodbyes to the friendly yet helpful authorities of SilTerra, we headed to one of my course mates house,as the Malays had to do their prayers. Before heading back to UTP, we stop by at Sunway Carnival for a walk.

Wrapping up, the trip was an eye-opening one and I've gained plenty of experience. Throughout this field trip, I've gained more interest in microelectronic field.

 SilTerra, Kulim
 Eagerly waiting for the whole agenda to begin

Group Photo

 Epic part of the trip is that, Ban Siong and me become undisputed and undefeatable champions of this game....

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