Monday, April 30, 2012

Movies and SEDEX

30th April 2012

It really had been long since I last blogged. Since it's the last day of April, I've decided so spare some of my time from my busy studying schedule to write my awesome and eventful month.

I would like to cram all the things that happened around me to this post. My finals will be starting next Monday, so wish me good luck =)

13th April 2012
Charles, Mei San, Ivy and me went to Jusco to watch a superb hilarious Singaporean movie - 孩子不坏 We not NaughtyJack Neo movies are always nice to watch. An awesome and nice movie, didn't regret watching it.

16th April 2012
I did my last Professional Communication Skills presentation titled "Angry Birds". I started playing Angry Birds few months ago and is still playing now. Getting addicted to it and almost completing all the levels with 3 stars.

17th and 18th April 2012
SEDEX29 (Science and Engineering Design Exhibition) had finally arrived. I'm was the Special Task Committee and also the person-in-charge of Youth Inventor's Category. My ex-school, St Michael was there and they won a Gold Medal and Silver Medal for both their projects. Everything went well, except for some mistakes in Closing Ceremony.

 Mr Chong listening to YIC Briefing.

 The team that did E-Lamp and asked for my help. Although I didn't help much, but they acknowledged me.=)

 Somehow, the whole St Bernadette's Convent thank me for inviting them over to UTP

Prizes and Sponsorship Head of Department, Mei San ^^

Outing after SEDEX29 at AEON Jusco

28th April 2012
After an Insane Week of 3 tests, 2 lab tests, 2 project evaluations and 1 assignment, Charles, Daymon and I decided to head to Ipoh to watch Avengers. Another awesome movie...=)

Goodluck to me in the incoming final exams.

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