Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunway Lagoon Trip

15th  May 2012

When I was a kid, I always roamed around asking people how fun is Sunway Lagoon and wondered when can I be there for at least once? Well, I finally got my chance after my friends decided to splash themselves with water after a much temperate discussion. This could be my most anticipated trip as I finally get to witness Sunway Lagoon on my very own.

When my friends were planning, I got too excited in helping them to settle everything although they hindered me from doing so. Why? This is because my final exams were just around the corner and they wanted me to focus on it just in case I did badly on the papers and emo-ed the whole trip. Everything went well although there were some arguments here and there about where to go. With my final exams finally ended with my last System and Signals paper, my emotions were high and filled with utmost joy having knew I'm going to Sunway Lagoon and Ice Skating for the very first time of my life.

After packing everything that I needed for the trip back home, 15th May 2012 was our departure day. Mei San and Ee Von met me at Medan Gopeng, however we had to rush to the train station to meet Khai Zhen to broad the train. Charles and Daymon later joined us at Batu Gajah train station. Together we head to KL Sentral. In KL Sentral, we met up with Siew San. After that, I led most of the ways around with LRT, then we broad a bus to Sunway Pyramid and checked into our hotels, which later we meet Kian Ping. We had our lunch+dinner in Sunway Pyramid, having hard to decide on which restaurant to eat, finally we decide to have some Korean Cuisines to counter our grumbling stomachs.

 Ko Hyang's Korean Food

Initally,we planned to ice skate on the very first day. However, we felt that it is not worth to ice skate at that time, so we postponed it to the day after Sunway Lagoon Day. Later on, we made way to Petaling Street and meet up with Bobby.

16th May 2012

Sunway Lagoon day had finally arrived. "Awoke fresh and energetic", we head to Sunway Lagoon which is within walking distance from our hotel after having our kick-up breakfast at mamak stalls. We waited for Sunway Lagoon to open and finally paid for the entry.

 outside Sunway Pyramid

 Bullying the duck?

There's a tiger behind us waiting to pounce on us!

Before going into water parks, we explored the whole Sunway Lagoon first. We actually had a chance to try  shooting paintballs, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Flying fox, and archery.

Inside Sunway Lagoon

Route Map of Sunway Lagoon

 Flying Fox


 ATV - Vrooomm~


Next would be the Wildlife Park. We only managed to be there for awhile due to time constraint.

Other than that, we also tried the nerve wrecking Tomahalk, High Speed Roller Coaster and Pirate Ship which spins 360 degrees. We did not take any pictures on those because we were all on board.

After placing all our electronic gadgets into the locker, we headed to the Water Park and tried each and every adventurous rides available in Sunway Lagoon.

We spend our whole day there with our last destination being the Scream Park. It was actually a Ghost House, supposed to be scary and haunted, however, I was quite immune to all the ghosts, because I could see which way they are coming out to scare us. It's only that my friend Daymon, who is walking behind me being scared the most by the ghosts. I kept laughing all the way out. Overall, the ghost house was amazing!

17th May 2012

Before leaving KL to our home sweet homes, we went to Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid. It was my first experience, but I learned fast. It wasn't easy to ice skate at all, but I was daring to try every move despite falling onto the ice many times. It was really an ice-chilling experience.

No Pain~ No Gain!

Looking forward to Ice-Skate again. ~ Chillax! =)

Random Photos Post

19th May 2012

2 more days to go until my 2nd Year 2nd Semester in UTP officially starts. Last semester was a blast as many astonishing and awesome things happen around me. This post was actually done to clear out all my photos in my phone, so most of the pictures in this posts are mainly being random with a little captions and explanations.

These was taken during my Field Trip to Silterra

This was taken after my first PCS Presentation in conjunction of Child Pro held in UTP

First time Karaoke..LOL!


Analogue Electronics 1 Project on BreadBoard - Dual Power Supply System

Analogue Electronics 1 Project after being hardwired onto Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Board. This thing looks like a small platform of buildings.

 Improvement from EDX27 to SEDEX29

 Giving briefing to YIC Participants from SMK St Bernadette's Convent

My PCS Angry Bird Presentation.

Last but not least~
My Digital Electronic II project - Electronic Rolling Dice (ERD)