Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Photos Post

19th May 2012

2 more days to go until my 2nd Year 2nd Semester in UTP officially starts. Last semester was a blast as many astonishing and awesome things happen around me. This post was actually done to clear out all my photos in my phone, so most of the pictures in this posts are mainly being random with a little captions and explanations.

These was taken during my Field Trip to Silterra

This was taken after my first PCS Presentation in conjunction of Child Pro held in UTP

First time Karaoke..LOL!


Analogue Electronics 1 Project on BreadBoard - Dual Power Supply System

Analogue Electronics 1 Project after being hardwired onto Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Board. This thing looks like a small platform of buildings.

 Improvement from EDX27 to SEDEX29

 Giving briefing to YIC Participants from SMK St Bernadette's Convent

My PCS Angry Bird Presentation.

Last but not least~
My Digital Electronic II project - Electronic Rolling Dice (ERD)

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