Sunday, June 17, 2012

Music for Life

16th June 2012
This could be only a short post because at this very moment, I have been busy with various things. I could only spare 5 minutes to write this post and thus, I'm actually speeding with my vocabulary now. Nonetheless, Euphonious 2012 have already ended and this could be my 3rd last event that I'm going to participate in UTP. I was in Technical and Media Department and throughout the event, I was in the audio room all the time and witnessing complicated audio systems.

When the event ended, I manage to grab a photo with my coursemate, Amin who was also the participant of Euphonious as an electric guitarist for his team "Bro's Code". I truly supported his band to the max, but his band only turned out as 2nd runners up. Furthermore, Amin also wont the Best Accompanist award and here's the photo.

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