Friday, June 8, 2012

Tuning in an Afro Circus

8th June 2012

I have been suffering from exhaustion and fatigue due to numerous work loads bestowed upon me in this new semester of Second Year Second Semester in UTP. Good news is that recently, I have just received my Second Year First Semester's results which turned out to be above average and satisfying. I hope I can keep up the momentum going this semester and hopefully maintain my CGPA.

However, in hand, I have too much work load such as being the Digital, Media and Technical Committee of Euphonious 2012,  Project Director for both Dare to Dream 2 and SEDEX30. Not only that, assignments, homework, projects, quizzes and thesis are all pending to be done during the weekends.

Just a few days ago, I saw this astonishing  view from my room in UTP and decided to take a photo of it. I really like this view as it gives me a peaceful and wonderful feeling to sit on my study table

As the Project Director of SEDEX30, I was involved in the Committee Recruitment Drive held on Tuesday, 5th June 2012. The response of it was magnificent and we managed to improvise our database with fresh and dedicated committee members.

On the 6th June 2012, Wednesday, I had a dinner with all the Michaelians studying in UTP. The dinner was to get around all the ex-Michaelians to meet up and share thoughts about our courses and lifestyle in UTP.

 Today, 8th of June 2012, Charles, Mei San and I went to Jusco to watch 2 movies to relax ourselves, Men In Black 3 and Madagascar 3. It was actually my suggestion to watch 2 movies on 1 night, and they accepted my challenge. It wasn't my first time watching 2 back to back movies but indeed, it could be tiring and frustrating if the movies are not good.

However, both the movies did not let us down as the sense of humour of both the movies are very high. We laughed throughout both movies and the most during Madagascar 3.

Short synopsis : Jay going back to the past to save Kay from an alien trying to kill him

 Short synopsis: Alex,  Martin, Gloria and Melman joining a circus troop and encountered many humourous scenes. Must really watch this movie again   

I went to Chatime today to get this new card

Both the tickets and the card

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