Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dare to Dream II 2012

Mid semester break had started and yet another delayed post

23rd March 2012
We had this program known as Dare to Dream 2, the 3 time joining this event organized by Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society (E3SS).
The first time it was held, the event was known as E3 Day and I was the Committee of Logistics.
The second time it was held, the event was renamed into Dare to Dream and I was the Head of Promotion and Publication
This time, Dare to Dream 2, I was the Project Director.

I had lots of fun managing this event although I have to rush a lot of things in order to make the event a success. Nonetheless, during the event time, I had lots of fun.

PuiSan, Me, BanSiong & SiewSan
During E3 Day, I tried very hard to and had this mission communicate with a "down-syndrome" boy who wont speak a word from SK Si Puteh
During Dare to Dream, where SK Jernalik came, I was sitting in the seminar room all day doing the montage and in the end, produce the best montage of my life so far.
This time, Dare to Dream 2, happened to have a case where a kid from SK Rempai Tujuh stepped onto a rusted nail and bleed on his leg. I carry him all the way to the clinic and back to the Pocket D.

Giving an unReady Speech
3rd Place Winner for Amazing Race around UTP
Second Place Winner for Amazing Race
Champion for Amazing Race UTP - Satay FC
This is the Kid that injured his leg with a rusted rain. Cradle him to the hospital and back here. =)

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