Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wisma Celcom Field Trip

At the meantime, I was too hampered with tons of assignments and projects, so this will be a short post. Sorry blog for not updating you frequently and on time.

26 July 2012
I went to Wisma Celcom together with my course mates for a field trip. Around 40 of us gathered at the bus station at 6am and departed to Kuala Lumpur around 6.30am. The journey took around 3 hours and we reached the destination around 10am. There were talks by the person-in-charge about the plans and systems in Celcom; how prepaid, postpaid, SMS and broadband internet system works.

Besides that, we were also shown the monitoring system room that is supposed to be private and confidential. We were exposed to how the workers work and monitor the Celcom's systems around the world. No pictures were allowed to be taken in the room and we were told that only 13 people are allowed to enter the room to prevent any disturbance of the systems.

We were then brought to the roof top of Wisma Celcom to witness the Satellite dishes and Cables. After that, we headed to Kepong to witness another Celcom Station whereby, we had the chance to see various machines working together to get the communication systems in Celcom working properly. Those systems and machines were too technical to be understood at the meantime.

On top of the room of Wisma Celcom

Inside Wisma Celcom

At Kepong Celcom Station

Picture and Quote of the Day:
"Bukti kami telah ambil Communication System" quoted by Dr Naufal

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