Monday, August 27, 2012

I am a Level 1 EE Engineer

27th August 2012.
It has really been a long time since I last blogged, same old sentence everytime I write a post. Mostly this year, I have only been blogging about events and movies around me; unlike last year where I puked partly of my emotions and feelings here. Nonetheless, my Second Year Second Semester final examinations is just days away and I have been really easy on my studies. Today, I'm really starting to fear out as my preparation was not that well due to lazyness and funny internet temptations; lately, there are just too many Gangnam Style parodies that tempted me to waste most of my time hogging on the internet. I shall bring an end to all this right now and start focusing on the 5 final paper subjects that I'm going to undertake soon.

Recently, I have been hampered by my Microprocessor project, in which the viva date will be tomorrow. I opted to be alone in this project; at first worrying that I might not make it, but time proves that I have successfully implemented my project proposal as planned. I spent mostly 2 weeks alone constructing and programming 3 circuit boards and alas, I made it on time. Everything should function well and hope for the best tomorrow.

I named my project: Intelligent Bascule Bridge System

Board 1: Structure along the Bascule Bridge

Board 2: Bascule Bridge Toll Payment

Board 3: Bascule Bridge Password Maintenance System

A collection of 3 Boards

Together with a 198-page report to be submitted

Sunday, August 19, 2012


8th and 9th of August 2012

My 4th Science and Engineering Design Exhibition and my last one as committee. Being able to hold the position as the Project Director of SEDEX30 was like a dream come true.

SEDEX was supposed to be held every semester, twice a year for the Engineering Team Project and Final Year Project students to get the opportunity to display their most innovative designs and prototypes. I started in EDX27 as a small Secretariat Department Committee before being the Head of Secretariat Department in SEDEX28. I was promoted as the Special Task Committee (Event Division Manager) in SEDEX29 and finally hold the most outstanding position in SEDEX30 as the Project Director.

SEDEX30 was the 30th time it was held in UTP since 1998. Being in SEDEX for 3 times, I am very sure about every department's jobscopes.

I'm not sure whether I'm leading the whole board well, but in the end, everything went well. Being the project director is seriously not easy. There are many problems that pop out in the last minute and require last minute solutions. However, i would also like to thank all my committees for making this event a success. SEDEX30 marks my last event that I'm going to join in UTP. I would like to retire from any events and focus only on my studies and researches to be a truthful Electrical and Electronics Engineer.

Note: I personally will take part in SEDEX31 as participant if my Engineering Team Project is chosen to enter SEDEX31. Wish everyone goodluck and all the best. SEDEX is really a platform for me to excel and throughout these 4 semesters, I have known various people and learn many things. I will seriously miss SEDEX and the 14 weeks handling SEDEX31 and also not forgetting all the 4 EDX27, SEDEX28, SEDEX29 and SEDEX30 fun that I had.

To get to the top is not easy at all!
Posing with the SEDEX30 Most Innovative Award (Chairman's Award) on the night before the SEDEX30 begins.
After the Opening Ceremony with Dr Dennis (SEDEX30 Chairman). Glad that everything went well during the Opening Ceremony
Giving my Project Director Speech during the Closing Ceremony
Group Photo after Closing Ceremony went well!
A photo with Datuk Vice Chancellor after the event
Full Committees - Photo during SEDEX30 Post Motem

Also not forgetting, my Problem Solving Competition Team that is formed during SEDEX29 won the Gold Medal for Trolley Category. Congratulations to all my teammates; Irene Ling, Daymon Hor, Charles Chou and Zi Yi (not in picture)

For more SEDEX30 pictures, please go and like SEDEX FB Page
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