Monday, August 27, 2012

I am a Level 1 EE Engineer

27th August 2012.
It has really been a long time since I last blogged, same old sentence everytime I write a post. Mostly this year, I have only been blogging about events and movies around me; unlike last year where I puked partly of my emotions and feelings here. Nonetheless, my Second Year Second Semester final examinations is just days away and I have been really easy on my studies. Today, I'm really starting to fear out as my preparation was not that well due to lazyness and funny internet temptations; lately, there are just too many Gangnam Style parodies that tempted me to waste most of my time hogging on the internet. I shall bring an end to all this right now and start focusing on the 5 final paper subjects that I'm going to undertake soon.

Recently, I have been hampered by my Microprocessor project, in which the viva date will be tomorrow. I opted to be alone in this project; at first worrying that I might not make it, but time proves that I have successfully implemented my project proposal as planned. I spent mostly 2 weeks alone constructing and programming 3 circuit boards and alas, I made it on time. Everything should function well and hope for the best tomorrow.

I named my project: Intelligent Bascule Bridge System

Board 1: Structure along the Bascule Bridge

Board 2: Bascule Bridge Toll Payment

Board 3: Bascule Bridge Password Maintenance System

A collection of 3 Boards

Together with a 198-page report to be submitted

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