Saturday, September 29, 2012


I don't usually collect coins, but I do this whole second semester. I usually misplaced those coins, but without  my realization, I've actually collected RM37.70 last nine months. All thanks to my Doraemon piggy bank. =)

Friday, September 28, 2012


the moment LEDs light up, it's the happiest moment an EE engineer could have, even greater than getting 4 flat
today i made your tail light up. one day, i'll make you come true

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outward Bound Lumut Part 2

10 - 16 September 2012

This is the Second Part of my Outward Bound experience in Lumut. Well, most of the photos that I've been expecting haven't been uploaded yet. So I'll just carry on with whatever photos I have.

Just some touch ups on Day 1. My watch Bintang consisted of  11 members namely;

1. Ruiz: KL guy who studies in Japan
2. Siri: Taiping guy, a Siamese who studies in Japan
3. Nasrul: Terenggany guy, studies in Japan also
4. Olivia: UTP
5. Kueh: UTP
6. Joey: UTP
7. Jason: UTP
8. Abrar: UTP
9. Qistina: UTP
10. Arvin: UTP
11. Me

and last but not least, our Instructor: Abang Khairul

Having a mild discussion on Day 1

Since I haven't found any kayaking photos yet which falls on Day 2 and 3. I shall proceed with Day 4 to Day 7.

Day 4 and 5
After a long journey of kayaking, we never thought that we would survive kayaking around the whole Pangkor Island, fighting waves and extremely hot weather. Our next activity after kayaking was whaling.

A whaler is a huge boat that can fit around 15 people and during ancient times, it is often used to hunt whales. Nowadays, it has become a very expensive recreation activity mainly used to set up teamwork and leaderships among youths as it is no longer used to hunt whales. Nonetheless, 8 people are required to row the oars of the whaler simultaneously in order for the whaler to move. It is indeed an awesome experience as I was selected to be the captain of my team. Day 4 was used for practicing and knowing how to set up sails and various preparations, while on Day 5, we were asked to set out to Shawal Beach for a 2 days, 1 night camp.

On Day 5, we were acknowledged that we need to compete with the other two teams, Stong and Trusmadi to see who arrives at the destination first. My watch's preparation was done way earlier than other teams as we set out first and leave a huge gap in front. However, after lunch, we had underestimated our opponents and finally lost to Trusmadi by a fingertip margin. Although I do not really care about the competition, but it reflects us in our life's that we should not ever underestimate our opponents even we are having leisure leads. We finally arrived at our destination, Shawal Beach after almost 8 hours of whaling and rowing.

Jason, Joey and I was in charge of the back sail.
Photo session after getting everything ready
"Bintang" cheer: Op Op Bintang :P

Day 6
After one night in Shawal Beach. We set sail to return to Outward Bound base. We woke up as early as 5 am to get everything on track. Again, we were the first to set out and first to arrive. Upon reaching the base, we were tremendously happy as we know all the activities have been accomplished and we will soon have a good and well rest. That night, to celebrate everyone's accomplishment, we had BBQ night and filled our grumbling stomachs with mouth watering food and appetizers. Each watch is required to come out with a performance around 5 - 7 minutes. My group came out with a hilarious sketch on our 6 days journey in OB and ended our sketch with a parody song of Seasons in the Sun.

Doing our Op Cheer again.

Day 7
Time to say goodbye to OB.

Group Photo: Big Family
Completed our course. Happy faces all the way.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Zombies don't eat Aloe Veras

17th September 2012

I'm currently still waiting for my friends to upload certain pictures of the 7 days in Outward Bound, Lumut. Hence, I'll skipped Part 2 first and wrote on what I did on Monday (yesterday).

Resident Evil 5 - Retribution, a long awaiting movie that I've always been bragging around to my friends. Finally, I get the chance to watch it. Charles, Daymon and I went to Aeon Station 18 Jusco to catch this movie. This time round, there's installation of 2 new important Resident Evil characters, Ada and Leon. What's out of my expectation is that, they finally have an undead army of soldiers, holding machine guns, instead of just endless flesh chomping zombies. This fifth Paul W.S Anderson movie mostly reminisces the past 4 episodes, which somehow I felt it's too short. Nonetheless, Alice played by Milla Jovovich is as amazing as her previous episodes.

The 5th Resident Evil movie
Apart from that, after one whole week of dehydration in OB, Lumut, I've decided to quenched all my thirst by having my favourite Chatime drink, with Aloe Vera.
They said Aloe Vera  can relief sunburn pains and aid in skin healing process. Hence, I add Aloe Vera into my Chatime :P
ps: I know in order for Aloe Vera to heal sunburns, I need to apply the gel onto my skin. Just being sarcastic though. :P No Chatime is poured onto my skin. ^^

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outward Bound Lumut Part 1

10 - 16 September 2012

For one whole week, my life had totally changed. No phone, no internet, no facebook and no comfy bed, I was held at Outward Bound Lumut by my scholar Petronas  for a Leadership Development Camp. Various tough and brutal activities were bequeathed upon me. On the first day itself, my phone and wallet were confiscated and I had totally lost contact of the world outside. This is the very first time that my pockets felt so empty. Nonetheless, it serves it's purpose well as most of the leisure times were used to rest instead of cementing our jelly hands on the keyboard or phone keypad.

Day 1
There were not much activities as we only had numerous ice breaking and warm up games to get to know each other more and a group photo taking session. I was chosen to be in "Bintang" watch and for the whole week, we worked together as one to get logs moving. My watch has 3 members that are studying abroad in Japan. It is indeed a great pleasure to know them and know more about Japan.

Here's the Group Photo

I have decided to skip Day 2 to Day 6 because I'm still waiting for others to upload the photos onto Facebook.

Day 7
The last day of our camp in Lumut. We bid farewell to each other after the closing ceremony and cert giving ceremony. All of us were actually very glad that we will be leaving for home soon and enjoy our 4 months break.

Group Photo after Receiving our Collar Tags which symbolizes the completion of the course
Certificate receiving moment
My Kayaking Partner, Jason. Together we conquered the whole Pulau Pangkor with both of our hands
"Bintang" Watch posing with our certificates.

And we were off to separate ways after 7 grueling days and wonderful moments together. =)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lost World - Splash Water after Finals

9th September 2012

Today marks the end of my Second Year in UTP as it has already been 3 lengthy years studying here. Time really flies and in the upcoming 4 months, I will be on a 4 months vacation. Studies got intensive as time passes, hoping that I will be able to cope with it when the following semester starts next year.

It was my second time being in Lost World of Tambun. The first time was almost 2 years ago. Nonetheless, it didn't change at all since I last went; everything being almost the same. The first time I was there, I did not explore the whole Petling Zoo, so I took this opportunity to visit the whole Petling Zoo together with my batch mates.

Petling Zoo at Lost World Tambun
Here are some animals that I saw in the Petling Zoo

A healthy rooster
Two brave and obedient tigers
Noiseless parrot
Endearing little lamb that always chew my shirt
Despite our tough and sturdy final papers, we chill ourselves by dipping ourselves into the water, splashing each other to release all our nerves and stress.

Carrying the lightest up
Group Photo before our 4 months break.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Negative 100 Years Old, Doraemon!

3rd September 2012
Today was exactly 100 years before the birth of Doraemon according to the statistics written by his author, Fujiko F. Fujio.

A short synopsis about Doraemon by me: Doraemon is a futuristic robotic cat that was sent by Nobita's great grandson, hoping to change Nobita's sluggish lifestyle. Doraemon initially was yellow in colour, but lost his ears after being bitten by rats while he was asleep. Poor living owing to Nobita's slothful routine caused Doraemon to be not able to replace new ears due to extremely high cost of fixing and reinstating new ones. Doraemon became a laugh stock to his girlfriend, whom soon dump him due to his atrocious looks. Doraemon became very disheartened and because of this, he cried for several days causing his original yellow colour to fade into blue. Not long after that, Doraemon rides his Time Machine back to Nobita's generation in bid to change and help Nobita, Various humorous, heart-pumping, tears-dropping scenes and journey were encountered by Doraemon and his friends, with Doraemon actually going out of battery at it's final episode. Nobita changed soon after realizing that Doraemon's battery went dehydrated and there were no method to replace them due to various incidents happening at that particular time. Nobita became very emotional and many many years later, he became an engineer and discovered various technologies to reattach Doraemon's ears which are batteries with installed memories.

I started 'worshiping' Doraemon at very young age, forgot when it all started. But, if memory serves me right, it all started when my dad stopped by a sundry shop nearby my house to buy dinner on one fine day very long ago. There was this Doraemon Comic which costs RM4.50 each and out of a sudden, my dad bought it over for me. My very first Doraemon Comic was Nobita and Dinosaur, the first ever long story Doraemon Comic Series. I still remember I cried everytime reading the ending of it.

My interest in Doraemon soon grew larger as I urge my parents and grandparents to buy more Doraemon comics for me. Boys are boys, I didn't keep most of my comics properly, so majority of them were torn and damaged by now due to improper house keeping. Nevertheless, my love towards Doraemon grew at very young age. Happy Birthday Doraemon!