Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Negative 100 Years Old, Doraemon!

3rd September 2012
Today was exactly 100 years before the birth of Doraemon according to the statistics written by his author, Fujiko F. Fujio.

A short synopsis about Doraemon by me: Doraemon is a futuristic robotic cat that was sent by Nobita's great grandson, hoping to change Nobita's sluggish lifestyle. Doraemon initially was yellow in colour, but lost his ears after being bitten by rats while he was asleep. Poor living owing to Nobita's slothful routine caused Doraemon to be not able to replace new ears due to extremely high cost of fixing and reinstating new ones. Doraemon became a laugh stock to his girlfriend, whom soon dump him due to his atrocious looks. Doraemon became very disheartened and because of this, he cried for several days causing his original yellow colour to fade into blue. Not long after that, Doraemon rides his Time Machine back to Nobita's generation in bid to change and help Nobita, Various humorous, heart-pumping, tears-dropping scenes and journey were encountered by Doraemon and his friends, with Doraemon actually going out of battery at it's final episode. Nobita changed soon after realizing that Doraemon's battery went dehydrated and there were no method to replace them due to various incidents happening at that particular time. Nobita became very emotional and many many years later, he became an engineer and discovered various technologies to reattach Doraemon's ears which are batteries with installed memories.

I started 'worshiping' Doraemon at very young age, forgot when it all started. But, if memory serves me right, it all started when my dad stopped by a sundry shop nearby my house to buy dinner on one fine day very long ago. There was this Doraemon Comic which costs RM4.50 each and out of a sudden, my dad bought it over for me. My very first Doraemon Comic was Nobita and Dinosaur, the first ever long story Doraemon Comic Series. I still remember I cried everytime reading the ending of it.

My interest in Doraemon soon grew larger as I urge my parents and grandparents to buy more Doraemon comics for me. Boys are boys, I didn't keep most of my comics properly, so majority of them were torn and damaged by now due to improper house keeping. Nevertheless, my love towards Doraemon grew at very young age. Happy Birthday Doraemon!


Ivan Tan said...

I didn't know this much bout doraemon. I was surprised that he is from the future O_O

•··´¿TîkµzZ™··• said...

I'm surprised and dazed that you didn't know this fact about Doraemon. I knew it many many years ago. =)