Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lost World - Splash Water after Finals

9th September 2012

Today marks the end of my Second Year in UTP as it has already been 3 lengthy years studying here. Time really flies and in the upcoming 4 months, I will be on a 4 months vacation. Studies got intensive as time passes, hoping that I will be able to cope with it when the following semester starts next year.

It was my second time being in Lost World of Tambun. The first time was almost 2 years ago. Nonetheless, it didn't change at all since I last went; everything being almost the same. The first time I was there, I did not explore the whole Petling Zoo, so I took this opportunity to visit the whole Petling Zoo together with my batch mates.

Petling Zoo at Lost World Tambun
Here are some animals that I saw in the Petling Zoo

A healthy rooster
Two brave and obedient tigers
Noiseless parrot
Endearing little lamb that always chew my shirt
Despite our tough and sturdy final papers, we chill ourselves by dipping ourselves into the water, splashing each other to release all our nerves and stress.

Carrying the lightest up
Group Photo before our 4 months break.

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