Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outward Bound Lumut Part 1

10 - 16 September 2012

For one whole week, my life had totally changed. No phone, no internet, no facebook and no comfy bed, I was held at Outward Bound Lumut by my scholar Petronas  for a Leadership Development Camp. Various tough and brutal activities were bequeathed upon me. On the first day itself, my phone and wallet were confiscated and I had totally lost contact of the world outside. This is the very first time that my pockets felt so empty. Nonetheless, it serves it's purpose well as most of the leisure times were used to rest instead of cementing our jelly hands on the keyboard or phone keypad.

Day 1
There were not much activities as we only had numerous ice breaking and warm up games to get to know each other more and a group photo taking session. I was chosen to be in "Bintang" watch and for the whole week, we worked together as one to get logs moving. My watch has 3 members that are studying abroad in Japan. It is indeed a great pleasure to know them and know more about Japan.

Here's the Group Photo

I have decided to skip Day 2 to Day 6 because I'm still waiting for others to upload the photos onto Facebook.

Day 7
The last day of our camp in Lumut. We bid farewell to each other after the closing ceremony and cert giving ceremony. All of us were actually very glad that we will be leaving for home soon and enjoy our 4 months break.

Group Photo after Receiving our Collar Tags which symbolizes the completion of the course
Certificate receiving moment
My Kayaking Partner, Jason. Together we conquered the whole Pulau Pangkor with both of our hands
"Bintang" Watch posing with our certificates.

And we were off to separate ways after 7 grueling days and wonderful moments together. =)

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