Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outward Bound Lumut Part 2

10 - 16 September 2012

This is the Second Part of my Outward Bound experience in Lumut. Well, most of the photos that I've been expecting haven't been uploaded yet. So I'll just carry on with whatever photos I have.

Just some touch ups on Day 1. My watch Bintang consisted of  11 members namely;

1. Ruiz: KL guy who studies in Japan
2. Siri: Taiping guy, a Siamese who studies in Japan
3. Nasrul: Terenggany guy, studies in Japan also
4. Olivia: UTP
5. Kueh: UTP
6. Joey: UTP
7. Jason: UTP
8. Abrar: UTP
9. Qistina: UTP
10. Arvin: UTP
11. Me

and last but not least, our Instructor: Abang Khairul

Having a mild discussion on Day 1

Since I haven't found any kayaking photos yet which falls on Day 2 and 3. I shall proceed with Day 4 to Day 7.

Day 4 and 5
After a long journey of kayaking, we never thought that we would survive kayaking around the whole Pangkor Island, fighting waves and extremely hot weather. Our next activity after kayaking was whaling.

A whaler is a huge boat that can fit around 15 people and during ancient times, it is often used to hunt whales. Nowadays, it has become a very expensive recreation activity mainly used to set up teamwork and leaderships among youths as it is no longer used to hunt whales. Nonetheless, 8 people are required to row the oars of the whaler simultaneously in order for the whaler to move. It is indeed an awesome experience as I was selected to be the captain of my team. Day 4 was used for practicing and knowing how to set up sails and various preparations, while on Day 5, we were asked to set out to Shawal Beach for a 2 days, 1 night camp.

On Day 5, we were acknowledged that we need to compete with the other two teams, Stong and Trusmadi to see who arrives at the destination first. My watch's preparation was done way earlier than other teams as we set out first and leave a huge gap in front. However, after lunch, we had underestimated our opponents and finally lost to Trusmadi by a fingertip margin. Although I do not really care about the competition, but it reflects us in our life's that we should not ever underestimate our opponents even we are having leisure leads. We finally arrived at our destination, Shawal Beach after almost 8 hours of whaling and rowing.

Jason, Joey and I was in charge of the back sail.
Photo session after getting everything ready
"Bintang" cheer: Op Op Bintang :P

Day 6
After one night in Shawal Beach. We set sail to return to Outward Bound base. We woke up as early as 5 am to get everything on track. Again, we were the first to set out and first to arrive. Upon reaching the base, we were tremendously happy as we know all the activities have been accomplished and we will soon have a good and well rest. That night, to celebrate everyone's accomplishment, we had BBQ night and filled our grumbling stomachs with mouth watering food and appetizers. Each watch is required to come out with a performance around 5 - 7 minutes. My group came out with a hilarious sketch on our 6 days journey in OB and ended our sketch with a parody song of Seasons in the Sun.

Doing our Op Cheer again.

Day 7
Time to say goodbye to OB.

Group Photo: Big Family
Completed our course. Happy faces all the way.

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