Monday, September 17, 2012

Zombies don't eat Aloe Veras

17th September 2012

I'm currently still waiting for my friends to upload certain pictures of the 7 days in Outward Bound, Lumut. Hence, I'll skipped Part 2 first and wrote on what I did on Monday (yesterday).

Resident Evil 5 - Retribution, a long awaiting movie that I've always been bragging around to my friends. Finally, I get the chance to watch it. Charles, Daymon and I went to Aeon Station 18 Jusco to catch this movie. This time round, there's installation of 2 new important Resident Evil characters, Ada and Leon. What's out of my expectation is that, they finally have an undead army of soldiers, holding machine guns, instead of just endless flesh chomping zombies. This fifth Paul W.S Anderson movie mostly reminisces the past 4 episodes, which somehow I felt it's too short. Nonetheless, Alice played by Milla Jovovich is as amazing as her previous episodes.

The 5th Resident Evil movie
Apart from that, after one whole week of dehydration in OB, Lumut, I've decided to quenched all my thirst by having my favourite Chatime drink, with Aloe Vera.
They said Aloe Vera  can relief sunburn pains and aid in skin healing process. Hence, I add Aloe Vera into my Chatime :P
ps: I know in order for Aloe Vera to heal sunburns, I need to apply the gel onto my skin. Just being sarcastic though. :P No Chatime is poured onto my skin. ^^

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